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Mobile Ecosystem Evolution

    Bénéfices et conséquences sur la concurrence de iOS et Android sur l’industrie mobile

    Cette étude, réalisée avec le support de Google, présente le changement de paradigme introduit par iOS et Android à l’origine d’une plus faible fragmentation de l’industrie mobile. Elle analyse les bénéfices pour l’économie numérique tirés directement de l’introduction de nouveaux OS, en lien avec la disponibilité de terminaux plus abordables et plus puissants et l’accès à de très nombreux services et applications. Il propose également une évaluation de l’impact des nouveaux OS qui n’ont pas eu pour effet de réduire le choix pour les consommateurs ou les options pour le développeurs. Au contraire, il apparait qu’ils sont à l’origine de la montée en puissance de nouveaux acteurs (Samsung) ou même d’acteurs faisant figure de concurrents puissants comme Facebook.

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Future Networks - Trends & Facts: Wireline - Wireless - Cloud Technologies

    A selection of insights on telecom network related topics taken from different projects conducted recently by our experts
    FTTx - Gigabit Race - Cable dynamics - LTE vs Fibre - WiFi - Radio technologies - 5G - Network optimisation technologies - Telecom & IT convergence

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DigiWorld Yearbook 2015

    Over the past 15 years, the DigiWorld Yearbook has become IDATE's flagship report, with an annual analysis of the recent developments shaping the telecoms, Internet and media markets, identifying major global trends and outlining scenarios of what lies ahead.
    The mission of the Yearbook has expanded as digital technologies take on their central role in transforming various sectors including connected cars, financial and insurance services, healthcare, retail trade and the collaborative economy.

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DigiWorld Yearbook Africa and Middle-East 2014

    IDATE has decided to produce an MEA version of its famous publication, to provide a detailed snapshot of the digital challenges in the region today, through key figures, the latest developments from the main ICT markets and players, and the core market trends in Africa and the Middle East.

    Download for free in PDF - DigiWorld Yearbook Africa and Middle-East 2014

Video getting personal: download our white paper about the Network PVR technology (nPVR): a new generation of digital recorders


Critical business 4G, towards mobile broadband

    What are the challenges and prospects for 4G in critical business environments? These are the questions addressed by Hub One and IDATE in the white paper "critical business 4G, towards mobile broadband"
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Hybrid TV

    Advanced TV services for all, available now with Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV solutions, Hybrid TV solutions are proving their value in any national broadcast landscape. In legacy broadcast TV countries, hybrid is needed to bring integrated advanced TV services to all. In largely wired TV countries, it is needed to bring a best-in-class TV experience to all broadband subscribers.
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The impact of VoIP and instant messaging on traditional communication services in Europe

    This report shows that services such as Instant Messaging and Voice over IP have not had a significantly adverse impact on traditional telecommunication providers in Europe. In fact, these services are providing new areas of growth for European telecommunications providers.

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Mobile operators’ investments

    This paper, published with the support of Ericsson and Qualcomm, investigates the level of mobile revenues, investments (Capex) and usage in Europe, as well as the interrelation between those metrics. The study compares the EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) with the other world mobile leaders, namely the USA, Japan and South Korea.

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Baromètre annuel du jeu vidéo en France


DigiWorld Economic Journal - Communications & Strategies

    The DigiWorld Economic Journal (formerly Communications & Strategies), is an international journal that aims to publish peer-reviewed papers focusing on the industry's key issues and offering a forum for the finest socio-economic analysis of the telecoms, IT and audiovisual sectors.

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