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Communications & Strategies, now entitled the DigiWorld Economic Journal, has just published its issue No. 100, celebrating its 25th anniversary!

The DigiWorld Economic Journal is an international journal that publishes each quarter peer-reviewed papers, focusing on the industry's key issues and offering a forum for the finest socio-economic analyses of the telecoms, IT and audiovisual sectors.

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We propose thematic Dossiers including several papers and interviews with academic or institutional personalities. In addition to the Dossier, we usually publish a selection of papers that typically cover innovative issues in the sector. The Features rubric contains short papers offering factual analyses of recent developments in the fields of regulation and competition, firms and markets, technical innovations, public policies and use logics, as well as book reviews.

Submission of papers

All papers submitted for publication will be reviewed by at least two referees/experts using the "double blind" system.
Proposals must be submitted in Word format (.doc) and should not exceed 6,500 words – including the abstract and references.
As far as possible, the publisher recommends that you insert some illustrations (tables, diagrams) in the paper, in order to facilitate the general comprehension.
Please ensure that they are readable in grey scale, and that they are of high-definition, in order to guarantee the printing quality.
Bibliographical references should be included at the end of the article. Should these references appear in the text, please indicate the author's name and the year of publication in brackets.


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ISSN Numbers:
- Print: 1157-8637
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