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Vient de paraître

Communication & Strategies No. 95, 3rd Quarter 2014

The future of patents in communication technologies

Eds: Theon van DIJK, Mathew HEIM & Yann MÉNIÈRE 

The patent system exists primarily to foster investment in research and development (R&D) and the disclosure of inventions. A patent provides its owner the temporary right to exclude others from using the patented invention, thus creating a competitive advantage in the market and, if the technology is successfully commercialised, an opportunity to earn back R&D investment. As such, patents play a vital role in the field of electronic communications. At the same time, recent events in the smartphone sector have revealed numerous disputes brought before the courts and complaints filed with antitrust agencies, relating to the enforcement of patents on technologies that are incorporated into standards and non-standardized technologies. The aim of this special issue of Communications & Strategies is to recast these events in the broader economic context of the communications industries, and thereby to highlight the pivotal role now played by patents in these industries.

Two exclusive interviews :
- Kerstin JORNA, European Commission, DG Market
- Ruud PETERS, Philips, Netherlands

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