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Vient de paraître

Communication & Strategies No. 93, 1st Quarter 2014

Re-thinking the EU telecom regulation

Eds: Giovanni AMENDOLA, Yves GASSOT,

It is in a complex environment combining economic crisis, a growing gap between the performances of European operators and those of the US leaders, questions about Europe's ability to meet its objectives in NGA terms ("2020 Digital Agenda targets") and preliminary signs of the appetite of non-European operators to gain a foothold in the markets of the EU, that the Commission announced the publication of its proposal for a "Connected Continent" Regulation to the Parliament and the Council. This was accompanied by a few key reports, which are well represented in this issue of Communications & Strategies. The papers which have been selected provide a deep insight into the issues of European telecom policy addressed in the current "Connected Continent" proposal of the European Commission and that will be at the core of the forthcoming review of the regulatory framework. They are supplemented by two exciting interviews with key personnalities from Deutsche Telekon and the European Commission-DG Connect.

Two exclusive interviews :
- Wolfgang KOPF, Deutsche Telekom
- Roberto VIOLA, European Commission, DG Connect


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