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Connected Objects


Our approach to Connected Objects

Many machines, like meters, cars or alarms, are now getting connected to the Internet to enhance the use of the machine (additional services) and/or to improve the processes involving the machine (costs savings, pay per use, etc…). A lot of traditional telecom and electronics players are already benefiting from that emerging M2M market, especially around cellular technologies.

Like machines, objects, even those without any electronics, could be connected to the Internet with the addition of sensors, codes or more likely RFID tags. The Internet would therefore change radically of scale with potentially trillions of things connected. But while M2M is mostly based on leveraging current mature technologies, Internet of things imply a brand new architecture to handle data that was not used before in any information system. While technology can still be improved, the major hurdles are coming from the numerous business challenges, especially around revenue sharing between the numerous players involved in the value chain.

Our Skills

• We combine in-depth expertise in the M2M and Internet of things market with IDATE’s core skill sets in telecommunications and video markets.

• The core team members have been advising industry players for more than 5 years

• We assist the globe’s largest telecom and technology providers but also major European public bodies with market analysis, data & forecasts, innovation roadmaps & business modelling

Selected References


• Opportunities of Internet of things in 3 vertical industries
• RFID projects on mobile phones
• Smart grid deployments
• Opportunities of E-paper technologies

Market Analysis

• Assessment and forecast of M2M markets
• M2M-satellite based markets
• RFID regulation and deployments


Operators: Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom, Orange, SFR, NTT, TDF, Telekom Austria, Eutelsat, KT, In4Telecom, Hutchison, Bouygues Telecom, Vodafone
Technology and service providers: Qualcomm, Fujitsu, LaPoste, CNES, Cisco, Gemalto, Alcatel-Lucent, JRC
• Public Bodies: CMT, European Commission, Arcep, NIIA, Ministry of Industry, ETRI



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