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What does the future hold in store for telcos in the new digital ecosystem?

  "Competition, new access technologies, IP ubiquity – all of these changes have led operators to gradually transform their business models. Today's very tense economic situation and a shift in value towards services further compound the challenges faced by the telcos. How can access growth be rekindled? Tiered pricing, bundles, etc.? Competition or service-level partnership: setting up open interface platforms? New activities that must be promoted: M2M, big data, etc.?"
Didier Pouillot, Head of Telecom Strategy Business Unit

Our Telecom Economics programme is specifically designed to provide telecom operators, vendors, government bodies and regulators with a comprehensive analysis of the issues affecting this changing ecosystem.

For a standard 12-month subscription, our customers get:
• Strategic & technological analysis: Expert analysis delivered via insights and analysts' comments on key Telecom market issues: analysis of key topics, telco benchmarks, etc.

• Five-year forecasts for main Telecom Service markets: Over several years, IDATE monitors the main Telecom markets: fixed, mobile and data.

• A dedicated forward study report, Future Telecom 2025, presents options and scenarios for telcos’ positioning in the medium term.

Key issues

Recovery is underway, but growth remains moderate, averaging less than 3% in 2012: is the divide between advanced and emerging economies widening?

Is the tremendous growth of mobile data services enough to drive a shift in revenue structures?

Can fixed broadband and ultra-fast broadband Internet service revenues compensate for the decline in voice service revenues?

Is the rising power of certain carriers reshaping the landscape of the global telecom industry?

Telecom Players & Markets Watch

This market watch service gives you comprehensive monitoring of global telecom markets between now and 2017, with special emphasis on key market segments and using the KPIs of leading operators as a reference. This service relies on the expertise of senior consultants specialised in the telecom markets and operators' global strategies. Each year they spearhead many studies on behalf of operators, equipment manufacturers, regulators and international organisations.

Status reports (half-yearly Powerpoint, 50 pages) > The World Market Trends

This report presents IDATE's regularly-updated vision of developments in the world Telecom markets between now and 2017:
- Mobile access &  expansion of LTE
- Fixed telephony vs. Managed fixed VoIP
- Fixed broadband I& Ultra-high speed fixed broadband
Markets for telecom services
- Global revenues
- Fixed telephony revenues
- Mobile services revenues
- ARPU per mobile user
- Fixed data transmission & Internet revenues
- Fixed Internet revenues
Major telecom operators
- World leaders
- North American operators
- European operators
- Asian operators
- Emerging operators
- Internationalization & Industrial structure

Insights (Word, 10-20 pages) > Analysis notes

Conditions for NGN deployment in Europe (May 2013)
What framework is suitable for the deployment of very high speed Internet access in Europe? Public policy, regulatory changes, technological developments, etc.

A new wave of Mergers & Acquisitions (June 2013)
After the internationalization of European operators in search of growth opportunities, operators in other regions are seeking to expand their geographical foothold.
Mobile subsidising in the smartphones era (Sept. 2013)
How can devices continue to be subsidized in the age of smartphones? An analysis of the difficult trade-offs operators face between retention/churn reduction and cash management.

New marketing approaches (December 2013)
Driving up ARPU, grabbing market share... Operators are exploring various ways to maintain or regain growth (segmenting offerings and rates, new distribution modes).

Database (half-yearly, Excel) > Data & Forecasts

Two databases devoted to the world telecom markets and the Telco players.

Market trackers

Telecom services market
• Fixed telephony
• Mobile Services
- Mobile voice services
- Mobile data services
• Fixed data transmission & Internet
- Data transmission
- Internet services

General Data
- Population
- Economic data

• Fixed Telephony   
- PSTN / ISDN lines       
• Mobile Services
• Total Mobile subscribers   
- 2G subscribers       
- 3G subscribers       
- 4G subscribers        
- Prepaid subscribers
- Postpaid subscribers
• Top 4 Mobile operators Market share
Fixed Internet
- Total Internet subscribers
• Dial-up subscribers
• Broadband subscribers
- DSL subscribers
- Cable modem subscribers
- FTTx subscribers
- Other broadband subscribers
VoIP subscribers
Top 3 fixed broadband operators' Market share


Telcos analysed

• America Movil
• AT&T
• Bharti Airtel
• China Mobile
• China Telecom
• Comcast
• Deutsche Telekom
• France Telecom
• KT
• OI
• Softbank
• Sprint Nextel
• Telecom Italia
• Telefonica
• Verizon
• Vodafone
• Vimpelcom

Main Telecom Players Consolidation
• Financial accounts
- Revenues
- Net income
• Revenues by segment
- by activity
- by country/zone
• Operating data
- Mobile customers 
  . Broadband customers 
  . Pay-TV customers
- Mobile traffic
- Mobile ARPU
- Number of employees

Geographical Zones & Countries

• Australia
• China
• India
• Indonesia
• Japan
• South Korea
 Latin America
• Argentina
• Brazil
• Mexico
Middle East-Africa
• Nigeria
• Saudi Arabi
• South Africa
North America
• Canada
• Belgium
• France
• Germany
• Italy
• Netherlands
• Poland
• Russia
• Spain
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• The UK
• Turkey  


Future Telecom 2025 (2013 Edition)
What plausible scenarios can the telcos expect in the future?
This report analyses the various constraints on the operators' economy, while also looking at their strengths. Working from options that have already been outline (tiered pricing, vertical markets, etc.), prospects of constantly evolving markets (M2M, cloud, etc.) and hypotheses about developments in the sector's industrial structure (consolidation? Netco-servco separation?), it describes and measures several possible future scenarios before telcos.

• Telcos’ Investment Trends (2013 Edition)
World Capex Database
As very high speed access networks are being deployed, operators are facing crucial investment decisions. This study examines the evolution of the investments in the major world markets over the past five years and presents a case study to illustrate the various measures operators have taken to streamline their capital expenditures (sharing, pooling, outsourcing, etc.).

• Mobile Data Pricing (2013 Edition)
Simple Segmentation
The pricing strategies of mobile operators are increasingly focused on data, with a proliferation of offerings segmented (tiered pricing) according to different variants, particularly in the case of unlimited voice and SMS. The report details these strategies, groups them by category and analyses the risks and success factors.

European telecom market consolidation : An era of mergers? (2013 Edition)
The European telecommunications market is still essentially organised around national industrial structures, favouring a dispersal of players, unlike the U.S. market, which is largely concentrated around a handful of very large operators. Beyond the (slow) consolidation of national markets, the report also analyses the conditions and possible paths for the emergence of pan-European operators.

World M2M Market (2013 Edition)
The Machine-to-Machine Market, 2013-2017 - 6th edition
This report analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the M2M market around the globe. It explores the driving forces behind the market’s growth and transformation, including an examination of the chief market trends, in addition to volume and value forecasts between now and 2017 by geographical region and country (China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and USA). It also presents the quantitative evolution of the cellular modules, by application and by networking technology.

• Telco Pricing Strategies
(2013 Edition)
Bridging the gap between skyrocketing traffic and flat revenues. This report focuses on the major trends in pricing policy and highlights innovative strategies. It analyses trends in the mobile market for voice and SMS services and takes a close-up look at mobile data services. It also examines pricing strategies for the fixed network market, as well as service bundles

Analyst Access

Consulting Hours - Direct access to IDATE Telecom experts - 5 hours per year
Analyst Brief - 30 minute conference call on a pre-selected Telecom topic
On-Site Presentation - Clients may choose a theme covered by the service. Presentation given by an IDATE Analyst.



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