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 We provide spreadsheets containing reliable and precise historical and forecasts data for key markets: Telecom, Internet and Media


Services Content Format / Frequency
World Telecom Services Market Markets and Forecasts up to 2016 by country and by segment: Fixed telephony, Mobile services and Internet XLS / Half-yearly update
Satellite M2M Market data and regional forecasts 2007-2016 (World, Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific) & Market figures, in volume and revenue XLS / March 2012
NextGen Mobile Devices Data & forecasts for tablets, mobile phones & smartphones (shipments 2007-2016 by country & region) - Manufacturer market shares and shipments (volume & revenues) by region and consolidated (2007-2011 by quarter) XLS / May 2012
Radio Spectrum Markets and Forecasts up to 2016: 41 countries – frequency band, allocation mode, allocation date, licence footprint, operator, duplex mode, technology, qty of spectrum, frequency band uplink, frequency band downlink, total price (€ & local currency), price per MHz per pop & per capita XLS / Sept. 2012
Ultra Broadband via Satellite Markets and Forecasts up to 2016: 73 countries - Coverage (DSL, 3G, FTTx); Subscriber base (DSL, Cable, FTTH, Satellite, others); Satellite equipped households XLS / Oct. 2012
World FTTx Market Markets and Forecasts up to 2016: 70 countries, Rollout by 150+ FTTx operators, Operator market share by country, Vendor market share by technology XLS / Half-yearly update
World LTE Market Markets and Forecasts up to 2016: 40 countries, Deployment for 90+ LTE projects, Technologies, Operator market share, Tracking contracts between operators and vendors XLS / Half-yearly update
NGA Deployment Costs Costs for Digital Agenda targets for 27 countries, breakdown by coverage, by technology and by pop density – current NGA coverage breakdown by country & by fixed and mobile networks XLS / Dec. 2012
Future Telecom 2020 Market data for 2010-2020 for each of the countries examined: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, the United States (Subscribers – Penetration rates - Revenue) XLS / Update Feb. 2013


Services Content Format / Frequency
Apps and the Mobile Internet Markets and Forecasts up to 2016 by zone and country - Volume: penetration, shipments, subscriptions; Value: revenues for Mobile Internet voice, data, access, advertising, apps & services XLS / January 2012
Mobile LBS Market Forecasts 2010-2017 (EU27, EU5 Countries & France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, USA, United Kingdom) Mobile LBS users - Mobile LBS service revenues - Mobile subscribers - Mobile terminals - Mobile Internet users XLS / May 2012
World Internet Markets Markets and Forecasts up to 2016 by country and segment: World, EU 27, EU 5, China, Japan, South Korea, USA; Ad revenue: online, media, marketing (revenue and growth) XLS / Half-yearly update
M2M Markets and Forecasts up to 2016 - Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, World; Cellular M2M; Hardware, Communication, Software & IT XLS / Sept. 2012

TV & Digital Content

Services Content Format / Frequency
NextGen TV 2020 2010-2020 Market data and scenarios figures for Germany, Spain, France, Italy, UK, USA; Time spent watching, TV reception model, Advertising market, Pay-TV Market XLS / June 2012
World Connected TV Market Markets and Forecasts up to 2016: breakdown by technology, tracking of convergence between traditional market players, Internet Giants, service providers and equipment manufacturers XLS / Half-yearly update
World TV Market Markets and Forecasts up to 2016 by country and by segment: terrestrial, cable, satellite, DSL, free to air, pay-TV, subscription, public funding, advertising XLS / Half-yearly update
World Video Games Market Markets and Forecasts up to 2016 by country and by segment: handhelds, consoles, mobile phone, PC, online, app stores & game revenues XLS / Update Jan. 2013




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