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Market report - 15/04/2014 Telco CDN

Will mobile and non-video traffic secure the future?

This report explores telecom carriers' strategies with respect to content delivery networks (CDN). It analyses the impact of telcos' arrival into the CDN value chain, especially with respect to pure-player CDN companies and equipment suppliers. It concludes with an analysis of the market that telcos can expect to capture over the long term, especially in the realm of mobile solutions which today are few and far between.

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1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology & definitions
 2.1. IDATE's general methodology
 2.2. Methodology specific to this report

3. The basic concepts
 3.1. What is a telco CDN?
 3.2. Transparent caching

4. Main telco CDN market players
 4.1. Operators' telco CDN strategies
 4.1.1. AT&T
 4.1.2. BT
 4.1.3. Orange
 4.1.4. Telefσnica
 4.1.5. Verizon
 4.2. Equipment manufacturers, telco CDN solution providers
 4.2.1. Cisco
 4.2.2. Ericsson
 4.2.3. Alcatel-Lucent
 4.3. Pure-player CDN
 4.3.1. Akamai
 4.3.2. Limelight
 4.3.3. Jet-Stream

5. Analysis of the Telco CDN market
 5.1. Market potential
 5.2. Ecosystem
 5.3. Telco CDN and net neutrality
 5.4. Technical issues
  5.4.1. Mobile CDN
  5.4.2. CDN federation
 5.5. Is virtualisation the next step for telco CDN?

6. Appendix: CDN federation
Table 1: Different approaches to the telco CDN
Table 2: Telco CDN implementation, by operator
Table 3: How the top equipment manufacturers are positioned on telco CDN
Table 4: Main CDN-related mergers and acquisitions
Table 5: Pure-player CDN companies' positioning with respect to telco CDN
Table 6: Initiatives for distributing content on mobile networks

Figure 1: CDN market breakdown by type of traffic
Figure 2: How telco CDN alter operators' revenue model
Figure 3: How transparent caching works: intercepting and redirecting cacheable content
Figure 4: EdgeCast's view of the telco CDN
Figure 5: Integrating a CDN solution into an operator's network
Figure 6: Optimisation through server consolidation
Figure 7: Implementation of a CDN within the BT network
Figure 8: How BT Wholesale is positioned in the value chain
Figure 9: Telefonica's inter-regional architecture
Figure 10: Telefonica's global video platform
Figure 11: Verizon's approach to the end-to-end CDN
Figure 12: EdgeCast's - OpenCDN federation product
Figure 13: Cisco's CDS architecture
Figure 14: Cisco's Mobile Videoscape
Figure 15: Ericsson's Media Delivery Network
Figure 16: Integration of the Mobile Cloud Accelerator
Figure 17: The Velocix Digital Media Delivery platform
Figure 18: Illustration of a telco CDN deployment using Akamai technology
Figure 19: The Ericsson/Akamai partnership
Figure 20: Akamai's approach to mobile
Figure 21: Excerpt of presentation on CDN federation
Figure 22: Limelight Deploy
Figure 23: Jet-Stream's Streamzilla CDN
Figure 24: The telco CDN market, 2013-2018
Figure 25: The history of CDN
Figure 26: Cisco's approach to interconnecting CDN
Figure 27: Phase 1 of the operator CDN federation pilot initiative
Figure 28: Phase 2 of the operator CDN federation pilot initiative
Figure 29: Operator CDN federation pilot initiative findings
Figure 30: Stages in the CDN federation pilot initiative

Telecom operators
• AT&T
• BT
• Comcast
• Deutsche Telekom
• Orange
• Telecom Italia
• Telefσnica
• Verizon

Equipment manufacturers, telco CDN solution providers
• Akamai
• Alcatel-Lucent
• Cisco
• CDNetworks
• Edgecast
• Ericsson
• LimeLight
• Jet-Stream
• Juniper
• Saguna Networks
• Verivue
1. Telco CDN: market interest and current status
 1.1. What is a telco CDN and what does it do?
 1.2 CDN implementation and reality
 1.3 The appeal of transparent caching
 1.4 Progress with mobile CDN

2. Telco strategies
 2.1. Different approaches being taken by telcos
 2.2 Telco CDN implementation
 2.3 New business models emerging

3. Increasingly complex ecosystems
 3.1. Growing competition around CDN
 3.2 Equipment suppliers' dual positioning

4. Market outlook
 4.1. Still a small market in the short term

5. Appendix - pure player CDN companies positioned on telco CDN




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