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IDATE Research's market report programme constitutes a natural extension of the work performed by our teams of analysts, as well as our ongoing investments in information and monitoring systems for player strategies and markets in the digital economy – the DigiWorld.

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Our regularly updated research catalog is organized around four areas that cover 10 specific categories. Each of these provides insight into key markets through a comprehensive set of deliverables – datasets, reports and slide decks. Contact us for the complete list of publications and pricing conditions for single studies or packages.

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All-IP migration
Market report
more The transition from circuit-switched to packet-switched services is a long-term trend, which has already deeply impacted electronic communications markets. Further fuelled by the roll-out of next generation fixed and mobile access networks it seems clear that PSTN services will be switched virtually entirely over by 2025.
There is a mix of reasons why operators adopt all-IP. Cost savings are clearly an important part of the equation, especially in an industry that is struggling with decreasing or flat revenues. The challenges that operators need to overcome in the process are diverse. The migration as such is a hugely complex operation that will require significant resources in terms of investment and manpower.

This report examines the above-mentioned drivers and challenges, explores related regulatory matters and presents a detailed state-of-play of a number of major operators' all-IP initiatives.
World Telecom Services Market
more The World Telecom Services - Markets & Players study includes two deliverables:
1. A report (ppt format) providing readers with the current status of the telecom services market, along with analyses of global trends and growth dynamics by technology and by markets. It also offers an overview of the world's top telcos.

2. A dataset dedicated to service revenues and usages with data and forecasts up to 2020 for 26 countries, 5 regions & world consolidated
Next Gen Telcos
Market report
more This report provides an assessment of the potential futures for telcos by 2025, taking into account expected evolutions in the digital economy, with a focus on connectivity, IoT, OTT and IT markets.

It first puts in perspective the key stakes that telcos have to tackle. It then looks at how major telcos are indeed trying to address with transformation plans for 2020 through an in-depth benchmark.

A very large focus on 13 digital markets is then conducted to determine the major opportunities for telcos leveraging some of their genuine assets.

The report finally draws 4 disruptive scenarios for 2025 and assesses for each of them the likely portfolio of services, the organisation and processes, the potential revenues (with a breakdown per type of revenue) but also the EBITDA and FCF margins, showing how telco economics could be radically transformed
European Telecom Sector Benchmark
Market report
more This benchmark shows progress similarities and differences on the path of growth of the telecom operators in Europe. Although revenues shrank and were restructured in the past five years, Telcos as Cablecos embraced differently the competition and the needs for investment in either wireless or wireline fast broadband networks.

In this report, the subscribers, revenues shares, margins and growth figures are compared throughout Europe. Market dynamics are detailed for 6 sub-regions with similar economics: Scandinavia, Central Europe, Southern Europe, Southeastern Europe, The British Isles and Western European countries.
Then, the report addresses the concentration and development of big players by benchmarking their tendency to develop at the pan European level, at a chosen sub-region level or by escaping the game with an external international ambition.
Telcos' Customer Experience Management
Market report
more Customer experience is key for telcos' retail strategies.
Our study highlights the challenges and opportunities enabled by new technologies and marketing techniques.

The report compares the telecom sector with others -especially OTT- regarding customer loyalty, and then focus on sales channels -both digital and physical stores. Furthermore the opportunities emerging from big data and analytics will be analyzed, as well as other innovations as chatbots and blockchain technology.

Finally, the report presents key metrics -internal and external- for customer experience measurement, highlighting thereby the increasingly customer-centric marketing strategies.
Telecom consolidation in Europe
Market report
more This report starts by presenting a panorama of the major moves and trends that have been observed in Europe recently. It continues with an examination of how the regulatory stance seems to have evolved since the new European Commission took office in late 2014 and looks further at the remedies that have been imposed by DG COMP between 2012 and 2016.

The question of how markets and users are being impacted by the wave currently sweeping European telecoms has been raised many times. The answer may differ, however, depending on who is responding. Chapter 4 will provide a short review of some of the major studies published on the issue over the last year or so.

The following chapter looks at whether mergers have actually held what operators were promising and presents the evolution of some key performance indicators prior to the merger under consideration, and thereafter.

Finally, the report presents a brief perspective of what factors might shape M&A activities in the short and medium term.
DigiWorld Yearbook 2016
Market report
more Every year, the DigiWorld Yearbook is awaited by players for its unique summary of the digital economy and its highlighting of key trends. For the release of the 16th edition, our team will spur a debate on the possible future for the key sectors: internet, telecoms and TV!
more The Middle East-Africa (MEA) region is a mosaic of countries with marked contrasts in terms of population, wealth, governance and economic development. Their telecom markets reflect this diversity, albeit with the shared feature of having mobile technologies as their chief purveyor of information and communication technologies (ICT). So it is only logical that the region’s Internet development will rely on mobile systems. Its future will depend on a range of factors on both the supply side (network rollouts, available services, pricing) and the demand side (buying power), as well as the actions taken by governments, investors and local businesses. Across the board, however, superfast mobile represents telecom operators’ main source of growth, and the core ingredient in the market’s expected growth over the next five years, which we forecast at 15.5 billion EUR.

This 2nd edition of the DigiWorld Yearbook devoted to Africa and the Middle East explores ins and outs of the digital economy in this up and coming region.

This new edition is published with support from DigiWorld Institute members Eutelsat, Nokia, Orange, PwC and Verizon.
Rethinking handset subsidies
Market report
more This report looks at how operators are grappling with the issue of handset subsidies
After providing a reminder of the main reasons these subsidies exist, we analyse how operators – now facing growing competition and a changing value chain – have redefined the role that handsets play in their strategies.
We will see how a paradigm shift has occurred in a matter of years, and how the status quo might evolve over the long term.
Telco services for enterprise market
Market report
more The massive and widespread use of the Internet has resulted in people's current need to be connected everywhere, in real time and with an optimal quality of service.
This need for access anywhere, anytime and on all devices is something that applies to everyone: from a large company's employees to its CEO to someone running a small business... and has made both fixed and mobile superfast broadband a key ingredient in the digital strategies and budgets of small offices/home offices (SoHo) and small and medium enterprises (SME).
How has the market responded to the growing appetite amongst small and medium businesses for very high-speed solutions?

This benchmark answers this question through a comparative analysis of nine major European operators' product lines.
The aim is to provide the most comprehensive view possible of solutions available to SoHos and SMEs, to pinpoint the areas where the different operators' product lines converge or diverge, and to identify potential avenues for the development of the product lines aimed at this clientele in the short term.
Single Market Initiatives
Market report
more Europe's telecoms sector was considered a success story for many years. Yet, despite more than 20 years of European telecoms policy and a common regulatory framework, the European market remains largely fragmented along national borders. The EC has launched several measures to address this phenomenon

The first chapter of this report looks into the evolution of the European market in recent years notably in terms of revenues and subscribers of electronic communications services and presents some key comparisons with other regions in the world.

In the following the report elaborates on the legacy regulation and the negotiations that led up to the finding of a compromise on the Telecom Single Market package by the European institutions.

The last chapter of the report presents the Digital Single Market, the Juncker Commission's digital flagship initiative and takes a closer look at two of its key elements; i.e. the discussion about digital platforms and the review of the common regulatory framework
Enquête PME 2014
Market report
more Le numérique modifie en continu et de façon structurelle les manières de communiquer, échanger, produire, investir, se former, collaborer, archiver, innover... en environnement de travail. Pour autant, toutes les entreprises n'ont pas le même degré de maturité numérique.
La 7e campagne de l'enquête IDATE auprès des PME propose un panorama actualisé de la place de ces technologies en entreprise . Cette photographie permet, dans un contexte de crise économique qui s'enlise, de mettre en perspective niveaux actuels et valeurs passées, d'identifier les nouvelles fractures , et d'anticiper les tendances à venir .
Emerging markets in Asia-Pacific
Market report
more This report looks at the TV and telecommunications (chiefly fixed and mobile broadband) markets in the main emerging countries in Asia-Pacific.

It provides readers with answers to questions such as:
• How are Asian markets structured?
• How are telecom markets evolving?
• How are TV markets evolving?
• What are the core trends in these markets?
• What strategies are satellite operators deploying in the region?

The final section of the report contains forecasts for the APAC region's broadband satellite and satellite TV markets up to 2018.
Increasing ARPU
Market report
more Average revenue per user or other revenue-generating unit is a key metric for any telecom operator. Maintaining or ideally increasing ARPU directly translates into higher levels of profitability and an improved capacity to invest – provided that parameters like SAC, SRC and churn are kept under control.

When comparing different services such as fixed broadband and mobile as well as the evolution of ARPU in various regions of the world, one can observe significant differences. The reasons for this are manifold. They are partly rooted in consumer behaviour but also in such factors as market structure and the level of competition

Mobile markets have become increasingly saturated with penetration rates standing well above 100% of population, and the adoption of fixed broadband has reached levels where future growth is limited. Increasing ARPU has thus become a priority for operators, even more so as price competition is eating into their margins.
Light operators
Market report
more This report examines different aspects of the 'light operator' phenomenon.
- Light operators and their business model are heavily influenced by sector specific regulation. The report provides an inventory of the different points of contact between the two.
-It also discusses the evolution of 'light' approaches in the mobile industry, exploring the different kinds of MVNO and the wholesale operator model.
-Regarding the fixed sector, the report examines the opportunities for light operators arising from the use of next-generation access networks and delivers examples of light operators on open access networks.
- Finally, the report takes a brief look at other forms of light operator, such as Wi-Fi operators and over-the-top players providing voice and messaging services.
Multiplay: New supply-side strategies
Market report
more This report takes a look at the major developments in services being bundled with Internet access. It analyses trends in triple and quadruple-play bundles, their convergence and their economic impact on vendors. It also explores deep product line strategies: digital home, rich communication, secure access, and opportunities tied to segmentation.



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