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IDATE Research's market report programme constitutes a natural extension of the work performed by our teams of analysts, as well as our ongoing investments in information and monitoring systems for player strategies and markets in the digital economy – the DigiWorld.

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Our regularly updated research catalog is organized around four areas that cover 10 specific categories. Each of these provides insight into key markets through a comprehensive set of deliverables – datasets, reports and slide decks. Contact us for the complete list of publications and pricing conditions for single studies or packages.

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DigiWorld Yearbook 2016
Market report
more Every year, the DigiWorld Yearbook is awaited by players for its unique summary of the digital economy and its highlighting of key trends. For the release of the 16th edition, our team will spur a debate on the possible future for the key sectors: internet, telecoms and TV!

>> Available on 14th June 2016. Pre-order now!
Market report
more This study aims to identify and describe the key characteristics and challenges of the developing market of pay video-on-demand services by focusing on the United States market and major European markets (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom).

The study comprises three parts:
offering and pricing models of pay video-on-demand services and the means of interaction between the service providers and content rights holders;
marketing and competitive positionings adopted by pay video-on-demand service providers in the markets studied;
growth factors and profitability conditions for transactional video-on-demand and subscription video-on-demand services, focusing on real-world examples of international players and their local competitors.
Connected TV
Market report
more New players, new solutions... the connected TV market continues to evolve against a backdrop of consolidation for on-demand TV services and the never-ending enhancement of available products.
Our new report on the connected TV market presents readers with the latest industry trends and explores the initiatives being taken by CE, TV and Internet sector players. It also delivers a detailed SWOT analysis for each type of stakeholder, and concludes with three market scenarios for 2025, complete with figures on market value, and a breakdown of screen time by type of device depending on which sector dominates the future ecosystem.
World TV & Video Services Markets
more Our TV experts publish half-yearly their TV & Video Services observatory covering 39 countries, 10 regions and world consolidated.
This ongoing monitoring is accompanied by regular analyses and analyst viewpoints of trends, disruptions and industry moves.

This bundle includes two deliverables:
1. A report (ppt format) The state-of-the-art for TV & Video Services: changes in accessing TV, viewing patterns, TV & video revenues and audiovisual value chain. Besides the monitoring of these criteria the study provides you with analyses and viewpoints of our lead TV & video analysts. It draws the audiovisual landscape regarding TV & video services worldwide, going even further in stressing out the regional differences and market specificities.
2. A half-yearly updated dataset (xlsx) Historicals, Estimations & Forecasts up to 2020
- TV and OTT video access modes: Terrestrial, Cable, Satellite, IPTV
- Network digitization
- TV and video consumption: audience and time spent
- Television and video revenues
  . TV revenues: advertising, subscription, public revenues
  . Physical video revenues: DVD/BluRay retail & rental
  . Video on demand revenues: DTR, EST, SVoD, advertising
TV in the Digital Single Market
Market report
more The Digital Single Market, or DSM is one of the European Commission's (EC) ten priority projects.
This report intends to:
• review the European Commission's strategy for the DSM and analyze the debates around the major challenges that this strategic project raises for the European audiovisual sector;
• evaluate the potential effects of a change to the European regulatory framework on players in the audiovisual sector value chain;
• propose scenarios for possible changes to the regulation of the European audiovisual sector and examine their impacts on the various categories of players concerned
Future TV: 2025
Market report
more The TV market is shaken to its very core, profound changes will happen between now and 2025. There will be – and already are– disruptions with important impacts on the audiovisual landscape.
Our new prospective report provides a snapshot of the most likely disruptions in TV content distribution up to 2025 as well as in user behaviour. It analyses how the industry’s structure is changing and then presents in detail the long-term options available to market players. Lastly the study also offers complete market figures up to 2025 for both retained scenarios.
DigiWorld Yearbook 2015
Market report
more Over the past 15 years, the DigiWorld Yearbook has become IDATE's flagship report, with an annual analysis of the recent developments shaping the telecoms, Internet and media markets, identifying major global trends and outlining scenarios of what lies ahead.
The mission of the Yearbook has expanded as digital technologies take on their central role in transforming various sectors including connected cars, financial and insurance services, healthcare, retail trade and the collaborative economy.
Audiovisual industry going global
Market report
more The audiovisual market has always been a traditionally multinational industry. Within the industry, content production, publishing and distribution activities have highly varying levels of internationalisation. There has been a marked escalation of transnational mergers over the recent period, indicating a new phase in globalisation of the industry.
There is now pressure coming from two main angles: producers are faced with constantly increasing production costs, and distributors are faced with continually high CAPEX levels and new competition from OTT players. European service publishers have to reinvent their strategies in this new globalised context, which is dominated by North American players.
This report aims to:
• establish the current state of globalisation and industry restructuring in the audiovisual sector by studying the corporate strategies of a selection of major players from the production, publishing and distribution segments
• assess the impact of globalisation on European players in the audiovisual sector by focusing on TV channels and networks
• describe the various coping strategies being pursued by these players.
Netflix in Europe
Market report
more As Netflix takes an important step in its international expansion strategy with almost simultaneous launches in six European countries, including Germany and France, this report examines the North American giant's prospects for success in its deployment strategy.

It is based on an in-depth study of four European markets with varied profiles, namely Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

By comparing the major features of the audiovisual sector, analysing the main SVOD services on offer in these countries (national and North American), and identifying the strategies adopted by these services, the study reveals the key factors that are likely to promote or impede the development of Netflix in Europe. It also provides forecasts for penetration of the service and its competitors in the four markets covered.
TV and new video services
Market report
more This report takes a look at changes in consumer habits, especially those of the youngest generations of viewers, and their impact on the video market.
It examines the rapid progress made by OTT offers and how they affect user behaviour and video industry players' strategies.
It also explores some of the strategies the various market players are using to attract new subscribers and stem potential losses.
Rightholders turn OTT
Market report
more This report spotlights premium content right holders' strategies to tap the new internet territories. It provides a benchmark of OTT services launched by major rightholders. The study also provides the analyses and conclusions on these OTT strategies in highlighting their drivers and hurdles: technology, regulation, consumption patterns. Finally, it addresses the question of viability of an exclusive OTT strategy for Sport, Cinema & TV series right holders.
Physical Video vs. VOD
Market report
more Although videogram sales and rentals markets have been in steady decline since the mid-2000s, their most obvious successor — transactional video on demand — does not yet reign supreme. This can be put down to a bewildering array of offerings and different consumption patterns in the physical and online worlds, but also because of increasing head-on competition with other video content distribution channels, especially in the film and TV series segments. This insight presents an in-depth look at the current state of the physical video and transactional video on demand markets worldwide, and analyses the following fundamental issues: value destruction attributable to the dematerialization of video; value sharing between content rights holders, publishers and distributors; and the evolution of DRM towards a model unifying physical media and digital copies.

This insight is part of our TV & New Video services watch which covers:
- Half-yearly updated datasets
- Half-yearly updated status reports
- Quarterly market insights
- Direct access to lead media analysts
more Changes in the TV landscape and in viewing habits are starting to chip away at strongholds in the TV advertising market, and we are starting to see the first signs of exhaustion. But live television still has a number of major assets, especially in terms of coverage and exposure, while also investing heavily in the web which is attracting more and more viewers and advertisers, but where the advertising rules are not the same.
Drawing on a comparison of how live TV and OTT services perform in the realm of advertising, this insight examines classic TV’s strengths and weaknesses when competing with online fare.
Pay-TV vs SVoD
Market report
more This insight offers an overview of the pay TV market in the main European countries and in the United States. It describes the different models of subscription-based video on demand offerings (SVoD): supply-side strategies and description of main players’ services. It lastly analyses the SVoD services developments compared to the pay TV global market.

This insight is part of our ongoing monitoring Television & New Video Services Watch.
Market report
more With a television and video access market in profound transformation and practices that are still evolving, traditional television players face unprecedented instability. To address these questions, this study explores the key issues of the cord-cutting phenomenon. To do so, it presents a detailed analysis of the North American market, the world's most advanced, so that lessons can be drawn for Europe.
Telcos TV Strategies
Market report
more Telcos’ TV services are currently enjoying one of the highest rates of growth in the marketplace. Initially a source of distinction between ISPs, TV has become a central part of telcos’ marketing and growth strategies. This report takes a detailed look at the marketing strategies that telcos use when marketing their TV services, and at their growing prominence in a TV market in the throes of major upheavals.



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