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IDATE Research's market report programme constitutes a natural extension of the work performed by our teams of analysts, as well as our ongoing investments in information and monitoring systems for player strategies and markets in the digital economy – the DigiWorld.

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Our brand-new 2015 research catalog is organized around four areas that cover 10 specific categories. Each of these provides insight into key markets through a comprehensive set of deliverables – datasets, reports and slide decks. Contact us for the complete list of publications and pricing conditions for single studies or packages.

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Public safety spectrum & systems
Market report
more PPDR usage worldwide is concentrated on a limited number of frequency bands. Among them, the 400 MHz is the most currently used for narrowband systems.
At the WRC-15 in November 2015, a decision is to be taken on allocation of frequencies for broadband PPDR spectrum. The 700 MHz is the best candidate at world level, with distinct scenarios being considered.

TETRA-like narrowband networks have served PPDR issues well in the last decade.
Major PPDR users and industry associations have defined LTE as the technology for broadband PPDR systems.

This report presents the considered pathways to broadband PPDR spectrum and systems for the next decade.
World Radiocommunication Conference 2015
Market report
more At the WRC-15 in November 2015, decisions are to be taken in one month on three major items: IMT/4G, Broadband PPDR and satellite.
A number of bands below 6 GHz are candidates for IMT technologies in Europe including the 700 MHz band.
In Europe, a minimum of 2x10 MHz is requested for Broadband PPDR. Channelling of the 700 MHz band is still being debated.

This report presents the major WRC-15 agenda items.
World LTE market
more The bundle World LTE market includes two deliverables:
1. A database (updated half-yearly): quantitative & qualitative data for 45 countries, 6 zones & world consolidated - 76 LTE operator sheets are also available. It gathers information about spectrum issues, technologies, revenue & subscriber data & forecasts up to 2018.

2. A report (updated half-yearly) providing you with the state-of-the-art regarding LTE: overview of dynamics in LTE markets up to 2018 by geographical area and by technology. It also provides you with analyses of the worldwide market status, LTE pricing, new services, technological issues, spectrum, roaming, chipsets and devices.

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Emerging markets in Asia-Pacific
Market report
more This report looks at the TV and telecommunications (chiefly fixed and mobile broadband) markets in the main emerging countries in Asia-Pacific.

It provides readers with answers to questions such as:
• How are Asian markets structured?
• How are telecom markets evolving?
• How are TV markets evolving?
• What are the core trends in these markets?
• What strategies are satellite operators deploying in the region?

The final section of the report contains forecasts for the APAC region's broadband satellite and satellite TV markets up to 2018.
Voice over LTE
Market report
more This report provides an insight into the Voice over LTE market.
More specifically, we shall see the rationale for using the VoLTE solution rather than keep relying on good old circuit-switch technology, and understand exactly where mobile carriers are in terms of embracing it.
We shall thus discern the challenges that operators face in choosing this solution as well as the opportunities that it represents.
more New frequency bands are currently being allocated, or will be in the years to come, to mobile services and IMT technologies. Current LTE spectrum is fragmented, even if use of LTE is converging towards a few bands.

A number of bands below 6 GHz are candidates for IMT technologies in Europe and would be on the WRC-15 agenda. Other bands, above 6 GHz and potentially very high frequency bands, should also be considered.

This report presents the candidate bands for mobile use in Europe for WRC-15 and WRC-18, and regional and national examples.
LTE in the USA
Market report
more The USA is one of the most advanced LTE markets in the world in terms of subscribers, coverage, technology upgrades.
Based on our latest estimates, LTE subscriptions in the USA will reach 300 million at end 2018.
This report presents the deployment status of LTE in the USA and player strategies to reposition the LTE wireless business model.
more Terrestrial broadcasting plays a significant role in TV reception... but the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) band is highly coveted by the mobile industry.
Hybrid networks could provide an answer to spectrum scarcity in the UHF band.

This report presents the most likely scenarios for the UHF band and the role of hybrid networks between now and 2025.
Ultrafast broadband via Satellite
Market report
more This study reviews the current state of broadband markets in Europe and North America
It presents the latest developments observed on these markets and the emerging trends for consumer broadband
The potential of satellite broadband over these regions is analyzed in detail, as well as the strategies adopted by the main satellite players involved in this market.
LTE-Advanced & 5G
Market report
more This study details what LTE-Advanced brings to Mobile Network Operators and how it will help overcome the challenges of providing higher throughputs to more users.After detailing operators' deployment strategies, it presents the different features of LTE-Advanced and its roadmap before dealing with what 5G could look like.
Operators' strategies are evaluated as well as the benefits and challenges which the features of LTE-Advanced help to overcome.
On-board connectivity
Market report
more This report explores the leading on-board connectivity markets: aircraft, ships and trains, providing usage and market data, along with insights into the key issues and challenges at hand. It also examines how much of a threat LTE poses, and how satellite can prepare to take on this new rival.
The connectivity market for cars is examined in a separate IDATE report "Connected Cars - Overview and trends".
Market report
more The TD-LTE ecosystem is still in its early days but the commercial launch by China Mobile in December 2013 is going to boost the TD-LTE market.
Our estimates for TD-LTE subscriptions in December 2013, based on the data from our LTE Watch service, indicate fewer than 3.5 million subscriptions.
This report presents the TD-LTE deployment status in the main markets (Japan, USA, China, Australia, India), the device ecosystem and the technical aspects of the TD-LTE ecosystem.
The LTE-only market
Market report
more With LTE nationwide coverage a near-reality in some advanced markets, LTE-Only devices could provide benefits for both operators and consumers. Few operators have already launched LTE-Only devices. Verizon is one of the first to have done so with a digital camera and more recently a tablet. First LTE-Only handsets for instance should arrive on the market in 2014-2015.
This insight presents the state of deployment of this technology, analyses the drivers and hurdles related to VoLTE and presents the likely timetable for VoLTE commercial launch in the different geographical areas.

This insight is part of our ongoing monitoring LTE Watch that includes:
- Half-yearly updated datasets
- Half-yearly updated status reports
- Bimonthly market insights
- Direct access to lead LTE analysts
Small cells & carrier Wifi
Market report
more This report analyses the small cells and carrier Wi-Fi markets. It identifies the drivers for small cells implementation and analyses how the small cells market is developing. The need for Wi-Fi offloading is assessed and the future for carrier Wi-Fi analyzed. Lastly it also presents our mobile traffic forecasts and identifies the share of mobile traffic offloaded to Wi-Fi. The report is accompanied by a synopsis in ppt format.
In-Flight Connectivity: Satellite vs LTE
Market report
more Our new insight In-Flight Connectivity provides its readers with a synoptic overview of the latest changes in the In-Flight Broadband market. It showcases the market's current services and usages, analyzes the various business models, details the existing satellite solutions and proposes a prospective for 2017, taking in account the emerging Air-To-Ground solutions based on LTE technology.

This insight is part of our Satellite Watch which covers:
- an Excel database
- a Status report
- quarterly insights
- direct access to Satellite specialists
Video on LTE networks
Market report
more This report analyses the development of video services on LTE networks with a focus on the following key questions:
• Which type of video services are currently available on LTE networks?
• How is the technical chain evolving in order to take into account growing video traffic?
• What are LTE MNO strategies regarding mobile video?
• What is the future for eMBMS, the LTE broadcast mode?
• How will video traffic evolve on LTE networks?
Satellite: outlook for some key markets
Market report
more In this insight, IDATE experts identify which challenges will be especially key for satellite players in future, if they hope maintain satellite's positioning in relation to terrestrial solutions. These challenges are detailed through an exploration of four major satellite markets, including DTH, M2M, broadband and earth observation, along with up-to-date market data. They also provide a profile of the top players, satellite's main competitors and market forecasts up to 2017.

This insight is part of our Satellite Watch which covers:
- an Excel database
- a Status report
- quarterly insights
- direct access to Satellite specialists
more In this report, IDATE identifies the latest developments and major trends in the broadband and ultra-fast broadband markets. After a detailed analysis of the various terrestrial networks and their coverage, it examines satellite technology and the opportunities for positioning it as a complementary service to terrestrial networks to reduce the digital divides that currently exist in Europe and Africa.
LTE Chipset & Devices
Market report
more This insight offers an analysis of the LTE device ecosystem in light of baseband market maturity. It presents a review of LTE baseband competition with an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each major manufacturer. It finally examines next challenges that will affect the further evolution of mobile broadband devices.

This Insight is part of our ongoing monitoring LTE Watch.
LTE Pricing Strategies
Market report
more This Market Insight analyses the different pricing strategies of the leading telcos on the LTE market. It presents the IDATE team's expectations and forecasts of the future orientations of the mobile broadband market in the coming year.

This Insight is part of our ongoing monitoring LTE Watch
LTE in China
Market report
more This latest IDATE insight provides an overview of the LTE market status in China and analyses the conditions of the future growth of LTE in the world's largest mobile market. The Insight is part of the 2012 edition of the IDATE's World LTE Market - Watch Service collection. These monthly insights focus on key LTE market issues: outstanding event of the month, analysis of the latest market trends, player interviews (operators, vendors, regulators, public authorities), highlights from major conferences…
more This report spotlights telcos’ strategies regarding backhauling and fixed mobile convergence, how the transport network is evolving within the migration to all-IP and which choices telcos take to meet the increasing demand of bandwidth. The study analyses the evolution of backhaul networks, its investment control and the necessary implementation with the legacy infrastructure.
Mobile Churn Management
Market report
more Retaining customers is one of the most critical challenges in the maturing mobile telecommunications service industry. Customer churn adversely affects mobile telecom operators because they stand to lose a great deal in price premium, decreasing profits levels and a possible loss of referrals from continuing service customers. Figuring how to deal with churn is turning out to be the key to the survival of telecoms organizations. This report by IDATE sets out the real issues at stake in mobile churn management. It addresses and provides guidance on how to tackle churn both in terms of business processes (refining customer care, loyalty schemes, customer segmenting) and through the use of software solutions available.



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