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IDATE Research's market report programme constitutes a natural extension of the work performed by our teams of analysts, as well as our ongoing investments in information and monitoring systems for player strategies and markets in the digital economy – the DigiWorld.

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Our brand-new 2015 research catalog is organized around four areas that cover 10 specific categories. Each of these provides insight into key markets through a comprehensive set of deliverables – datasets, reports and slide decks. Contact us for the complete list of publications and pricing conditions for single studies or packages.

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World video games market
more The global market for video games represents a total of nearly 62bn€ in 2014 and we estimate a strong CAGR of 8.5% for the period 2014-2018.
This study follows the development of key indicators for the sector over five years and makes an appraisal of the key segments:
• Home consoles • Handheld consoles • Offline computer games • Online computer games • Smartphone Game Market • Tablet Game Market • Digital Video Game Market
Mobile Gaming
Market report
more This study takes a look at the state of gaming on mobile platforms – i.e. smartphones, tablets and handheld consoles – in terms of technology and device shipments, and in terms of usage which has been heavily influenced by innovations in interactivity and gameplay. It also explores the market from an industrial standpoint, against a backdrop of OS and app store wars, and takes a look at its economics, detailing the latest trends, success stories and wining business models. Lastly, the report provides market figures and forecasts up to 2018.
Serious Gaming
Market report
more This is IDATE's fourth report dealing with the Serious Games sector. IDATE chose to focus its analysis on a specific segment of SG: human resources management. This was chosen mainly because this type of SG is currently the most widespread among businesses.
IDATE measured SG's distribution level in the economy by focusing on its deployment in companies. In the 2010 edition of our study, we anticipated SG growth in SMEs around 2014, so it was therefore appropriate to see how accurate our estimates were.
We also wanted to thoroughly test the games and discuss with their creators the trends and economic prospects of this complex sector that is difficult to comprehend as a whole.
Content Economics
more This report analyses the four major segments of the content industry: books, recorded music, video games, video.
For each sector, it details key market figures, analyses the dematerialisation cycle, its impact on industry structure and value distribution, and estimates the impact of piracy.
It then offers a cross-analysis of the trends common to all four sectors.
Finally, it provides 2014-2018 market forecasts for each of the four sectors on a global scale, focusing on six key countries and four regions.
Smart Toys
Market report
more Smart toys' or 'app toys' consist of three interconnected elements: a video game (or application interface), one or more connected objects and a distribution platform with a display. Smart toys now constitute a new market segment, halfway between the video game and toy industries. This report analyses the current state of development of this phenomenon, including the operating principles, creative potential, summary of current offerings, business models and challenges facing the industry.
Next Gen Home Consoles
Market report
more This report explores the technical specifications of the latest generation of home consoles, their features and the gaming and non-gaming services they deliver. It focuses on machines produced by Nintendo (Wii U), Sony (Playstation 4) and Microsoft (Xbox One), i.e. the leading players in this still very lucrative market, and purveyors of the most spectacular gaming experiences.

First, it puts these devices – which were initially devoted solely to gaming – squarely inside the environment of the smart home in search of a box that can take over all of the household’s audio and video entertainment services and functions simply, efficiently and intuitively. Today’s consoles are involved, more than ever before, in the distribution of audiovisual services – a segment where, typically, ISPs, pay-TV channels, hybrid box suppliers and other broadcasters and distributors are all vying for the upper hand.
From a purely entertainment perspective, and beyond technical specs and pricing strategies, IDATE analyses the consoles’ three main areas of development, and what this means for the market:
- The user interface (UI): joystick/controller, gesture recognition, voice recognition, companion screen
- The cloud at the heart of 8th generation consoles, and especially access and download services, play as you download, remote functionalities, games on demand, etc.
- Social media features: backward compatibility of gamer accounts, cross-game voice chat, DVR games, live streaming and content sharing features.
Social Gaming
Market report
more The social gaming market, a video game market segment which is entering the maturity phase, is estimated worth of EUR 5.4 billion in 2012 and is expected to reach EUR 10.7 billion in 2016. This insight, part of our Video Game Watch, provides an overview of the social gaming market key industry trends for the period 2012-2016.
Cloud Gaming
Market report
more The gaming industry has been gradually making the shift to digital over the last decade and cloud gaming is the next step in the process. This study examines the challenges facing the industry-wide and commercial deployment of cloud gaming in terms of technology and services. It also identifies the major industrial challenges across the value chain and the growth engines that will encourage development of this new market segment.
Market report
more This report takes an in-depth look at the e-book market, and provides industry figures for 2008 to 2015. It breaks down the new digital value chain, identifies stakeholder strategies through some 20 case studies, details their business models and analyses the core technical issues (formats and portability, DRM, electronic ink, etc.).



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