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Market report - 23/10/2012 NFC & Mobile Payment

Payment and transport: vectors of development for mobile NFC?

This study presents the current situation of the mobile payment and mobile NFC technology markets. It analyzes the prospects for the market from a technical and economic point of view, by looking at challenges facing the economic models in key areas, including: automation, commerce, advertising, public services and transport.

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• How can mobile NFC technology revolutionize payment, transportation and mobile applications?

• Can it generate revenue for the various stakeholders?

• What are some of the issues around NFC technology business models?

• What technical challenges exist that might have a direct impact on mobile NFC business models?

• Could NFC mobile payment be deployed on a large scale?

• What strategies are the major players adopting for implementing mobile NFC technology?
1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology

3. NFC technology
 3.1. Definition
 3.2. NFC equipments
 3.3. How it works
 3.4. General hardware architecture
 3.4.1. NFC tags and cards architecture
 3.4.2. Architecture and operation of NFC devices
 3.5. Norms and standards
 3.6. The Secure Element (SE)
 3.6.1. The Cardlet
 3.6.2. Trusted Service Manager (TSM) and personalization
 3.6.3. The different types of Secure Element
 3.7. Overall functioning of a secure application
 3.7.1. Contactless mobile payment (bank card system)
 3.7.2. Electronic wallets
 3.7.3. Transport and ticketing applications
 3.8. Overall functioning of a non-secure application
 3.8.1. Between an NFC mobile device and an NFC tag
 3.8.2. Between two NFC mobile devices

4. Market structure

 4.1. Market evaluation
 4.1.1. Initiatives around mobile NFC
 4.1.2. Mobile NFC
 4.2. The main applications and uses for mobile NFC
 4.2.1. Mobile payments and micro-payments
 4.2.2. Non-NFC mobile payments
 4.2.3. Transport
 4.2.4. Other applications

4.3. Business models and added value of mobile NFC
 4.3.1. Automation
 4.3.2. Transportation
 4.3.3. Commerce and payments
 4.3.4. Advertising
 4.3.5. Public services
 4.4. Key statistics
 4.4.1. Mobile payments
 4.4.2. Transportation
 4.4.3. NFC equipment

5. Strategies from key players
 5.1. Value chain
 5.1.1. NFC mobile payment strategy
 5.1.2. Transport strategy
 5.1.3. Roles of the various players
 5.2. Profiles of key players
 5.2.1. Mobile services providers
 • Amazon
 • Facebook
 • Google
 5.2.2. Payment systems
 • Visa
 • Mastercard
 • Paypal
 5.2.3. Mobile operators
 • AT&T
 • NTT Docomo
 • Orange
 • Telefσnica
 • Vodafone
 5.2.4. Mobile device manufacturers
 • Apple
 • Nokia
 • RIM
 • Samsung
 5.2.5. NFC chips, SIM or microSD cards
 • NXP
 • Inside Secure
 • WatchData
 • Gemalto
 • Oberthur

6. Strategic analysis
 6.1. The technical maturity of NFC
 6.1.1. Norms and standards
 6.1.2. NFC mobile devices
 6.1.3. Infrastructures
 6.2. Advanced deployments
 6.3. Challenges around usage
 6.4. Business/ecosystem models
 6.4.1. Complexity of business models
 6.4.2. An overcrowded ecosystem
 6.4.3. Competing technical architectures
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