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Market report - 20/09/2011 E-Book

Markets & Forecasts 2008-2015 / 3rd edition

This report takes an in-depth look at the e-book market, and provides industry figures for 2008 to 2015. It breaks down the new digital value chain, identifies stakeholder strategies through some 20 case studies, details their business models and analyses the core technical issues (formats and portability, DRM, electronic ink, etc.).

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1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology

3. Market structure and key elements

 3.1. Market overview
 3.1.1. Definition
 3.1.2. Market segmentation
 • Scientific and technical works: the E-Book pioneers
 • Overhaul of the economics of dictionaries and encyclopaedias
 • Emergence of digital textbooks
 • Literature going digital
 • Comic books leaping into the fray
 • Non-fiction taking to digital, but to varying degrees
 • The device: affecting the segmentation of the works read
 3.1.3. Trends in products and services
 • The popular uprising of self-publishing
 • From the homothetic to the enhanced book
 • Emergence of social reading
 • Development of piracy
 3.2. Current market estimates
 3.2.1. Markets par region
 3.3. Key factors
 3.3.1. Formats
 • Moving towards a coexistence a formats
 • PDF: longstanding presence but technically limited
 • Amazon banking on its own format (for now)
 • Emergence of the epub format
 • How much does it cost to produce an e-book file?
 • Which formats for which offers?
 • An outmoded debate in the era of cloud computing and portability?
 3.3.2. DRM
 3.3.3. Metadata for promoting the book
 3.3.4. Screen technologies
 3.3.5. The regulatory environment
 • What regulatory stipulations on the price of digital books?
 • What tax rate applied to digital books?
 3.3.6. Reading
 3.3.7. Choosing between devices
 • Growing popularity of new devices: e-readers and tablets
 • e-reader preferred for reading digital files
 • Major differences in reading patterns on dedicated devices and multi-purpose devices

4. Industry organisation & strategies

 4.1. Industry structure
 4.1.1. Physical and digital value chains
 4.1.2. Competition structure
 4.1.3. Business models
 • File downloads: oldest and most popular model
 • Subscription
 • Rental model popular for comics and textbooks
 • Sales by the chapter still marginal
 • Ad-funded model
 • The 24 Symbols hybrid business model
 4.2. Market players
 4.2.1. Publishers
 4.2.2. Aggregators
 4.2.3. Resellers
 4.2.4. Telcos
 4.2.5. Hardware manufacturers
 4.3. Strategic analysis
 4.3.1. Creation or destruction of value?
 • Impact on production costs
 • Changes in readers’ buying patterns
 • Analysis of the degree of exposure to the electronic shift, genre by genre
 • The enhanced book
 • Are printed book sales being offset by digital sales?
 • What of back-catalogue titles?
 4.3.2. Battle of the readers
 • e-readers
 • Who profits from self-publishing?
 • The spectre of piracy
 • e-book timeline?

5. Markets and previsions

 5.1. Growth factors
 5.1.1. Analysis of growth/disruptive factors
 5.1.2. Forecast hypotheses
 5.2. Market forecasts
 5.2.1. 2011-2015 forecasts: e-book sales
 5.2.2. 2011-2015 forecasts: e-reader sales
 5.3. Data book
• What are the latest trends and how is the book publishing market evolving: electronic and print?
• What are the different market segments? Which are the most innovative and dynamic?

• Are we seeing a consolidation of the electronic book market? Who are the dominant players and what business models are they employing?

• Which technologies and formats are being used for e-books and their distribution? What role is the cloud playing?

 • What costs are involved in publishing and distributing an e-book? Is the e-book’s destruction of value offset by new market opportunities?

• What market share do e-books have in the different countries?

> This report ships with a database for 2008-2015:
- E-Book market, printed book market (sales)
- reader market (shipments in number of units)
- Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK, the United States
Actuals & Forecasts 2008-2015

• e-book market (million EUR)
• printed book market (million EUR)
• e-reader market (shipments per unit)

• Canada
• France
• Germany
• Italy
• Japan
• The United Kingdom
• The United States


• Hachette Livre
• Harlequin
• Harmattan
• Kodansha
• Vook

• Amazon
• Barnes and Noble
• Google
• Kobo
• Smashwords

• Anel/DeMarque
• Numilog
• OverDrive
• Izneo

Equipment manufacturers:
• Apple
• Sony

Mobile Operators:
• AT&T
• AU by KDDI
• Telecom Italia




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