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Market report - 20/07/2016 Digital Agenda Europe

Europe (EU-28) at the end of 2015

This report examines the status of the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) in the 28 European Union Member States (EU-28) with respect to objectives 2 and 3: respectively full coverage for >30 Mbps connections and 50% coverage and take-up for >100 Mbps and higher.

The study highlights the diverse contrast between the countries according to the threshold of 100 Mbps. The situation is quite different for Superfast broadband (<100 Mbps) or higher speed (at > 100 Mbps). The analysis shows by the way that customers willingness to subscribe to broadband network do increase with the speed. The higher is the proposed bit rate, the higher is in general the penetration.

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1. Executive Summary

2. Definitions

3. Superfast broadband coverage
 3.1. Snapshot of BB and SFB coverage in Europe
 3.2. Achieving Objective 2: Full SFB coverage > 30 Mbps
 3.3. SFB coverage by technology
 3.4. Close-up on six Western European markets

4. Ultrafast broadband coverage
 4.1. Snapshot of UFB coverage in Europe
 4.2. National coverage by connection speed, end of 2015
 4.3. Country rankings

5. SFB and UFB penetration and take-up rates
 5.1. SFB customers by technology, end of 2015
 5.2. SFB and UFB penetration at the end of 2015
 5.3. SFB take-up gaps by connection speed
 5.4. But customers are eagr for ultrafast broadband
> FTTH/B coverage

> VDSL coverage

> FTTx/D3.0 coverage

> NGA coverage by technology (including Overlap technology)

> NGA coverage by speed

> NGA subscribers

> NGA penetration rate

> Households
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