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DigiWorld Yearbook Africa & the Middle East

Market report - 10/02/2016 DigiWorld Yearbook Africa & the Middle East

What will the Internet look like in Africa and the Middle East?

The Middle East-Africa (MEA) region is a mosaic of countries with marked contrasts in terms of population, wealth, governance and economic development. Their telecom markets reflect this diversity, albeit with the shared feature of having mobile technologies as their chief purveyor of information and communication technologies (ICT). So it is only logical that the region’s Internet development will rely on mobile systems. Its future will depend on a range of factors on both the supply side (network rollouts, available services, pricing) and the demand side (buying power), as well as the actions taken by governments, investors and local businesses. Across the board, however, superfast mobile represents telecom operators’ main source of growth, and the core ingredient in the market’s expected growth over the next five years, which we forecast at 15.5 billion EUR.

This 2nd edition of the DigiWorld Yearbook devoted to Africa and the Middle East explores ins and outs of the digital economy in this up and coming region.

This new edition is published with support from DigiWorld Institute members Eutelsat, Nokia, Orange, PwC and Verizon.

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What will the Internet look like in Africa and the Middle East?

The stakes of the Internet

 • Socio-economic situation
 • The great regulatory challenge
 • What infrastructure to support the Internet's development?
 • A telecom market in search of growth
 • Which device to access the Internet?
 • How is the Internet being used?

Geographical trajectories

 • Disparate marketplaces
 • National data
   - Algeria
   - Côte d'Ivoire
   - Democratic Republic of Congo
   - Egypt
   - Ethiopia
   - Iran
   - Israël
   - Kenya
   - Morocco
   - Nigeria
   - Saudi Arabia
   - South Africa
   - Tunisia
   - United Arab Emirates

Strategic trajectories

 • Operators: a race to achieve critical mass?
 • Economic data on market players
   - Bharti-Airtel
   - Etisalat
   - Millicom
   - MTN
   - Orange
   - STC
   - Vodafone
Over the past 15 years, the DigiWorld Yearbook has become IDATE's flagship report, with an annual analysis of the recent developments shaping the telecoms, Internet and media markets, identifying major global trends and outlining scenarios of what lies ahead.
The mission of the Yearbook has expanded as digital technologies take on their central role in transforming various sectors including connected cars, financial and insurance services, healthcare, retail trade and the collaborative economy.

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