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IDATE Research's market report programme constitutes a natural extension of the work performed by our teams of analysts, as well as our ongoing investments in information and monitoring systems for player strategies and markets in the digital economy – the DigiWorld.

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Our research catalog is organized around four areas that cover 12 specific categories. Each of these provides insight into key markets through a comprehensive set of deliverables – datasets, reports and slide decks. Contact us for the complete list of publications and pricing conditions for single studies or packages.

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Apps and the Mobile Internet
more Mobile Internet is here and geared for growth, despite the global recession. For 2016 the worldwide penetration rate of Mobile Internet will reach 34.7% - or 2.89 billion users - generating service revenues (apps and advertising) of 43.3 billion EUR. This report provides detailed information about market's structure, data & forecasts 2008-2016, player profiles and strategies. It also spotlights the current and upcoming trends and the different kinds of mobile Internet usages.
Big Data for Telcos
Market report
more This report is dedicated to the analysis of Big Data opportunities for telecom operators: - What applications can be developed with telcos data? - What kind of new revenues can be generated? - What cost savings can be done thanks to Big Data techniques? Our study provides business cases for each application of analytics that can be done by telcos, for internal and external purposes. Specific figures are provided to estimate the financial benefits of each big data application on the global telecom services market and the report especially ranks the most valuable opportunities for telcos.
Cable Networks
Market report
more Cable companies are coming under close scrutiny these days, as their infrastructure and customer bases represent valuable assets in this era marked by superfast network rollouts, and massive changes taking place in the telecom industry.
IDATE takes an in-depth look at today’s cable market, drawing on a detailed analysis of the situation in key countries. The report explores the latest technical developments and key issues at hand, including the rise of quadruple play bundles, cable-mobile mergers, telcos’ FTTX-IPTV offensive and competition from OTT video.
Cloud Gaming
Market report
more The gaming industry has been gradually making the shift to digital over the last decade and cloud gaming is the next step in the process. This study examines the challenges facing the industry-wide and commercial deployment of cloud gaming in terms of technology and services. It also identifies the major industrial challenges across the value chain and the growth engines that will encourage development of this new market segment.
Cloud Markets
Market report
more This market insight – dedicated to the analysis of cloud markets and the resulting business opportunities for telecom operators – spotlights the main concepts of cloud computing and then provides for each cloud market – Personal Cloud, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS – its respective size, structure and key trends. It also benchmarks the involved players – OTT players and telecom operators – and proposes a concept for 3-sided business models to monetize cloud-related services efficiently.

This insight is part of the Telco vs. OTT Watch which covers:
• Half-yearly updated datasets
• Half-yearly updated status reports
• A net Net Neutrality benchmark on 13 countries and 3-sided business models report
• Quarterly market insights
• Direct access to lead OTT analysts
Cloud TV
Market report
more This report explores changes in users' viewing habits and the way video is being distributed over IP networks. It focuses on new cloud TV solutions by segment and type of vendor, and situates them in terms of their ability to satisfy the needs of video publishing professionals and consumers.
Communication services
Market report
more This insight looks into the developments of communication services, from various angles such as voice, video, messaging and social networks. It includes market figures and forecasts for the US and EU5, assessing the real impacts (or lack of it) of OTTs on what is predominantly a telco market. The opportunities for telcos and their relationships with the OTTs are examined and analysed.

This insight is part of the Telco vs OTT watch which includes:
- Half-yearly updated datasets
- Half-yearly updated status reports
- A Net Neutrality benchmark on 15 countries and 3-sided business models report
- Quarterly market insights
- Direct access to leading OTT analysts
Connected Cars
Market report
more This report describes the connected car ecosystem, in terms of applications, implementation techniques and also related business models.
It analyses the connected car strategies of manufacturers, mobile carriers and application providers.
It describes the main drivers and barriers for connected car market take-off. It also provides forecasts in volume and in value for mobile carrier opportunities.
Connected TV
Market report
more This study analyses the service offerings and the various connected TV interface models. It examines the positioning and strategies of the major players of connected TV. It also provides forecastsfor the market of OTT video services on TV by 2016 in the majorcountries and internationally.
Connected TV Markets
more The World Connected TV market database provides national market data and forecasts up to 2017 for OTT video and pay video services on connected TV sets, along with key figures for connectable devices and platform providers.

This database is part of our Connected TV Distribution Watch which includes:
- a half-yearly updated Database (March & September 2013)
- a half-yearly Status Report (March & September 2013)
- Three insights on the sector key issues (focus on a specific market, latest trends analysis, offers and key player benchmark).
Connected TV: key partnerships
Market report
more Inside television’s new environment, veteran TV players and new entrants alike are working to secure a slew of cooperation agreements: content – device, device – broadcaster, software platform – device.
Based on a global market analysis, this insight takes stock of the main agreements that are shaping the connected TV market: the momentum created by partnerships initiated by content providers is picking up, devices are an increasingly integrated part of service plans, and we expect to start seeing a consolidation of today’s fragmented connected TV platform market.

This insight is part of our Connected TV Distribution Watch that includes:
- a half-yearly updated Database (March & September 2013)
- a half-yearly Status Report (March & September 2013)
- Three insights on the sector key issues (focus on a specific market, latest trends analysis, offers and key player benchmark).
Content Economics
more This report analyses the four major segments of the content industry: books, recorded music, video games, video.
For each sector, it details key market figures, analyses the dematerialisation cycle, its impact on industry structure and value distribution, and estimates the impact of piracy.
It then offers a cross-analysis of the trends common to all four sectors.
Finally, it provides 2014-2018 market forecasts for each of the four sectors on a global scale, focusing on six key countries and four regions.
Market report
more With a television and video access market in profound transformation and practices that are still evolving, traditional television players face unprecedented instability. To address these questions, this study explores the key issues of the cord-cutting phenomenon. To do so, it presents a detailed analysis of the North American market, the world's most advanced, so that lessons can be drawn for Europe.
Data centres
Market report
more This report provides an overview of key developments around data centres (technologies, players’ strategies, etc…). It looks at the arbitration facing stakeholders when deciding where to locate a new data centre. Based on this, it expands to regional development and impacts for local authorities.
more This report proposes an international benchmark for DTT rollout and Analogue Switch-Off (ASO) practices and also presents guidelines for the ASO. It addresses the issues and prospects of the (Second) Digital Dividend and details business models for the overall process of transition to digital, including three country cases in the low- to mid-GDP/pop range.
Market report
more This report takes an in-depth look at the e-book market, and provides industry figures for 2008 to 2015. It breaks down the new digital value chain, identifies stakeholder strategies through some 20 case studies, details their business models and analyses the core technical issues (formats and portability, DRM, electronic ink, etc.).
Emerging markets
Market report
more At a time when telecom services revenue growth is slowing worldwide, emerging markets still have potential. This does not mean that all emerging regions and countries are progressing at the same pace: market dynamics and their underlying forces can differ dramatically, as can stakeholders' investment capabilities, industry structures, etc. This report takes a look at these differences.
Emerging markets in Asia-Pacific
Market report
more This report looks at the TV and telecommunications (chiefly fixed and mobile broadband) markets in the main emerging countries in Asia-Pacific.

It provides readers with answers to questions such as:
• How are Asian markets structured?
• How are telecom markets evolving?
• How are TV markets evolving?
• What are the core trends in these markets?
• What strategies are satellite operators deploying in the region?

The final section of the report contains forecasts for the APAC region's broadband satellite and satellite TV markets up to 2018.
Enquête Communes & TIC
Market report
more A la fois utilisatrices des nouvelles technologies créatrices de services et accompagnatrices de grands projets d'aménagement numérique du territoire, les communes sont au coeur du processus de développement de la société de l'information au niveau local. Cette enquête exclusive conduite auprès des communes de moins de 100 000 habitants, fournit des indicateurs clés pour chacun de ces grands axes d'implication.
Enquête PME 2011
Market report
more L'environnement numérique des TPE/PME évolue rapidement : déploiement des réseaux fixe et mobile THD, diffusion des équipements mobiles, diversification des usages (VoIP/ToIP, Entreprise 2.0, Internet mobile, Cloud computing,...). Sur la base d'un état de lieux chiffré des équipements et usages TIC actuels et en projet, cette étude fait le point sur le niveau réel d'intégration des solutions commercialisées et sur les freins et moteurs à leur adoption.
FTTH/B European panorama
Market report
more This insight provides a complete summary of the status of FTTH/B rollouts in the EU-39 region with a characterisation of each project by: Organisation initiating the project, Key parameters and figures (homes and buildings passed), Technical parameters, financing and business model.
It also presents a focus on FTTx in the UK.

This Insight is part of our ongoing monitoring FTTx Watch.
FTTx Equipment Vendors
Market report
more This report analyses the FTTx market from the equipment vendors' perspective. It reports on the different UFB technologies and the evolution of each of them. It analyses the access market by highlighting equipment vendor strategies worldwide. It looks at operators' market shares in the PON market (OLT and ONT). A series of interviews and meetings were conducted with various leaders in the FTTx access industry, such as Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, ZTE, Fiber Home, Calix, Adtran and Dasan, in order to carry out this study.
FTTx Monetization
Market report
more The tremendous cost of new gen access networks makes monetizing them a crucial issue. Ultrafast-boradband (UFB) access providers' supply-side strategies are aimed at ensuring enough customers who will upgrade to a UFB service in order to generate substantial income.

This report addresses the following key questions:
• What are the levels of current UFB ARPUs and how could there evolve in the 5 coming years?
• How to justify possible differences from one country to another?
• What are some of the most likely development scenarios for the ultra-fast broadband market?
• What are the main criteria to take into consideration?

IDATE also provides UFB market estimates for 2013 and up to 2018.
FTTx services and pricing
Market report
more This report focuses on the services offered by telecom and cable operators via their FTTx infrastructures.
It analyses the various speeds offered, the services included in the offering, pricing tiers and also highlights disparities between regions.
15 players offering ultra-fast broadband and representative of all the regions were used in this analysis.
Future Network Architecture
Market report
more This report analyses the overall context of the networking industry and presents potential answers in the long term. The report presents major evolutionary developments already in progress (CDN, traffic management around DPI and PCRF, etc…) and a deep dive into major disruptions like SDN. It presents the strategies of major network equipment providers and telcos. Lastly, it sizes up the SDN market by 2017.

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