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IDATE Research's market report programme constitutes a natural extension of the work performed by our teams of analysts, as well as our ongoing investments in information and monitoring systems for player strategies and markets in the digital economy – the DigiWorld.

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Our regularly updated research catalog is organized around four areas that cover 10 specific categories. Each of these provides insight into key markets through a comprehensive set of deliverables – datasets, reports and slide decks. Contact us for the complete list of publications and pricing conditions for single studies or packages.

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Digital China
Market report
more In this issue, we explore China's Internet.
An opportunity to look at the tremendous acceleration of players that have moved beyond the stage of adapting the Internet for the local market and really begun to innovate, notably in the areas of communications and e-commerce, while reaping the benefits of a fast-growing market that is already as big as Europe's.
What remains to be seen is whether these new Chinese internet giants, the only ones with the potential to unseat their American counterparts, will be able to successfully navigate the transition to the world stage.

The issue also includes a close-up on the latest European FTTH panorama produced for the FTTH Council in Marseille in February, along with a chronicle of the latest digital industry news, and an update on what our teams are up to.

DigiWorld Watch Service: a monthly publication to keep up with the latest digital innovations, markets trends and corporate news, and the emerging weak signal from the digital noise.
All-IP migration
Market report
more The transition from circuit-switched to packet-switched services is a long-term trend, which has already deeply impacted electronic communications markets. Further fuelled by the roll-out of next generation fixed and mobile access networks it seems clear that PSTN services will be switched virtually entirely over by 2025.
There is a mix of reasons why operators adopt all-IP. Cost savings are clearly an important part of the equation, especially in an industry that is struggling with decreasing or flat revenues. The challenges that operators need to overcome in the process are diverse. The migration as such is a hugely complex operation that will require significant resources in terms of investment and manpower.

This report examines the above-mentioned drivers and challenges, explores related regulatory matters and presents a detailed state-of-play of a number of major operators' all-IP initiatives.
Ultra Fast Broadband
Market report
more This first insight looks at the role that public financing plays in superfast network rollouts in Europe.
It includes a detailed look at France's public-initiative network system as it currently represents the most ambitious scheme of its kind in Europe, or at least the most deeply committed. But there have also been recent announcements out of Europe's other key markets (Italy, Germany, the UK) over plans to increase the resources allocated to superfast infrastructures.

The insight also includes a focus on Netflix growth and strategy and a chronical gathering major industry news.

DigiWorld Watch Service: a monthly publication to keep up with the latest digital innovations, markets trends and corporate news, and the emerging weak signal from the digital noise.
The World Consumer Electronics Market
more This study gives a clear overview of the Consumer Electronics sector and identifies the main technological and industrial trends:
• TV technology innovations • smartwatches, a market still in its infancy • impact of OTT video • smart toys perspectives • virtual reality, still an emerging market • mixed reality potential • the smart home renewal • video games, pioneering multiscreen usage • voice interaction • the necessary transformation of personal computers • the age of contactless payment.

It also delivers key indicators, market sizing and forecasts to 2020 for the following segments: TV and UHD TV, STB (cable, satellite, terrestrial, IPTV), digital media boxes (DMA, DMR, PVR, DVR, Blu-Ray, home consoles), portable media devices (tablets, smartphones, handheld consoles), personal computers (desktop and laptop).

The study includes a report and a detailed dataset.
The digital silver economy
Market report
more This report explores the technological innovations designed with older adults (age 65+) in mind, and for medical and social practitioners (caregivers, nurses and other healthcare professionals).

Six main categories of technology that can help make seniors' daily lives easier have been distinguished. An analysis of the economic impact and expected take-up rates is also included, along with a detailed look at how each of the players is positioned along the value chain.

The main unanswered questions today relate to:
- Whether seniors and caregivers will embrace these solutions;
- The economic value-added of these solutions;
- And the right business model for these technological solutions (notably in terms of their financing).
World Telecom Services Market
more The World Telecom Services - Markets & Players study includes two deliverables:
1. A report (ppt format) providing readers with the current status of the telecom services market, along with analyses of global trends and growth dynamics by technology and by markets. It also offers an overview of the world's top telcos.

2. A dataset dedicated to service revenues and usages with data and forecasts up to 2020 for 26 countries, 5 regions & world consolidated
more Using examples from North America, the United Kingdom, Germany and France, this report looks at major television players, public and private, free and pay, and their positioning strategy for Over-the-Top.

We first try to understand what in the sector as a whole is motivating these traditional TV players to develop OTT strategies in parallel, in addition, as an extension, or even sometimes in competition with their linear TV offerings.

The report then details the OTT services developed by the major audiovisual groups of the four markets studied, and seeks to identify how these services fit into each company's overall approach, and how the competitive environment has influenced these strategies.

Finally, it analyses the strategic OTT positionings of these groups and defines a typology for the different approaches.
Next Gen Telcos
Market report
more This report provides an assessment of the potential futures for telcos by 2025, taking into account expected evolutions in the digital economy, with a focus on connectivity, IoT, OTT and IT markets.

It first puts in perspective the key stakes that telcos have to tackle. It then looks at how major telcos are indeed trying to address with transformation plans for 2020 through an in-depth benchmark.

A very large focus on 13 digital markets is then conducted to determine the major opportunities for telcos leveraging some of their genuine assets.

The report finally draws 4 disruptive scenarios for 2025 and assesses for each of them the likely portfolio of services, the organisation and processes, the potential revenues (with a breakdown per type of revenue) but also the EBITDA and FCF margins, showing how telco economics could be radically transformed
European Telecom Sector Benchmark
Market report
more This benchmark shows progress similarities and differences on the path of growth of the telecom operators in Europe. Although revenues shrank and were restructured in the past five years, Telcos as Cablecos embraced differently the competition and the needs for investment in either wireless or wireline fast broadband networks.

In this report, the subscribers, revenues shares, margins and growth figures are compared throughout Europe. Market dynamics are detailed for 6 sub-regions with similar economics: Scandinavia, Central Europe, Southern Europe, Southeastern Europe, The British Isles and Western European countries.
Then, the report addresses the concentration and development of big players by benchmarking their tendency to develop at the pan European level, at a chosen sub-region level or by escaping the game with an external international ambition.
World TV & Video Services Markets
more Our TV experts publish half-yearly their TV & Video Services observatory covering 39 countries, 10 regions and world consolidated.
This ongoing monitoring is accompanied by regular analyses and analyst viewpoints of trends, disruptions and industry moves.

This bundle includes two deliverables:
1. A report (ppt format) The state-of-the-art for TV & Video Services: changes in accessing TV, viewing patterns, TV & video revenues and audiovisual value chain. Besides the monitoring of these criteria the study provides you with analyses and viewpoints of our lead TV & video analysts. It draws the audiovisual landscape regarding TV & video services worldwide, going even further in stressing out the regional differences and market specificities.
2. A half-yearly updated dataset (xlsx) Historicals, Estimations & Forecasts up to 2021
- TV and OTT video access modes: Terrestrial, Cable, Satellite, IPTV
- Network digitization
- TV and video consumption: audience and time spent
- Television and video revenues
  . TV revenues: advertising, subscription, public revenues
  . Physical video revenues: DVD/BluRay retail & rental
  . Video on demand revenues: DTR, EST, SVoD, advertising
Telco and cableco video strategies
Market report
more This report analyses the video positioning of key telecom and cable operators through detailed profiles.
Besides the analysis of TV OTT video services, some additional focus is placed on innovative services launched and on key content partnerships established.
Among the key questions examined are: why operators are again interested in video? What is the split between content aggregators and content owners? What are the key objectives dedicated to video services? Will OTT video be the next big thing for operators?
We regroup identified trends in key player positioning to draft some essential objectives assigned to video services by operators.
Keeping in mind that Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators will not share the same resources and objectives, we finally draw up a tentative approach for operators to move more profoundly into OTT video.
Digital Identity
Market report
more This report analyses the technology and market trends around digital identity.
It presents the major technologies used for authenticating end users and managing their digital identity, including some identity-based services such as e-signature, fraud detection and access control.

The market report focuses on the strategy of telecom operators towards digital identity and the surrounding ecosystem of competitors and providers.

The value of digital identity is also examined in detail, along with market forecasts and an overview of the main drivers and barriers influencing the development of the market.
World FTTx market
more The bundle World FTTx market includes two deliverables:
1. A report analysing the developments in FTTx markets up to 2021.
It presents a geographical panorama of FTTx access solutions in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Middle East & Africa. It also includes an overview of the major world leaders as well as a panorama of the ultrafast broadband markets: Services and tariffs, ultrafast broadband market.

2. A half-yearly updated dataset covering:
- 70+ countries & 250+ player sheets including their roll-out projects
- data for markets at June 2016 & forecasts up to 2021 for homes passed and subscribers by architecture (FTTH/B, VDSL, FTTx/Docsis 3.0)
Market report
more This report delivers a status update on cord-cutting in the United States and in Europe, along with a future outlook.
It analyses the different ways that pay-TV markets on either side of the Atlantic are evolving, and the progress being made by OTT services.

It identifies the factors behind viewers' key reasons for cancelling their traditional pay-TV plans.

It also explores how pay-TV providers and top broadcasters are responding to battle against the cord-cutting phenomenon, or at least minimise its impact on their business.
Lastly, it delivers insights into how this phenomenon is likely to unfold over time.
OTT Communication Services
Market report
more This report provides an in-depth analysis of the OTT communications market, both through figures and forecasts of market value (global, EU28, APAC and US), and through strategic analyses of the major players concerned.

The VoIP market (e.g., Microsoft Skype), the IP messaging market (e.g., WhatsApp), a portion of the social networking advertising market (e.g., Facebook), Unified Communications (e.g., Cisco) and Cloud communications markets (e.g., Twillio) make up the OTT communication market. The dynamics of each of these market segments are examined as well.
The various business models that have appeared, the platform strategies of different types of players, and the recent trends of acquisitions in the market, are also analysed.
One of the key analyses in this report is the comparison with the telco communications market. The myth of 'OTTs taking away telco revenues' is scrutinised, together with the effectiveness of the responses available to telcos, as well as the future path towards VoLTE.

Main players mentioned in the report:
OTT players: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Kakao Talk, Viber, Tango, Rakuten, Twillio, Avaya, Cisco, Tropo.
Telcos: Orange, Telefonica, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, TIM Brazil, Swisscom, Verizon, Vodafone
more The bundle World LTE markets – 5G initiatives & MBB spectrum includes two deliverables dealing with both LTE and spectrum issues:

1. A database (updated half-yearly): quantitative & qualitative data for 46 countries, 6 zones & world consolidated - 76 LTE operator sheets are also available. It gathers information about spectrum issues, technologies, revenue & subscriber data & forecasts up to 2020. It presents the current status of the main mobile broadband frequency bands and results of auction processes including allocation modes, prices paid by each licensee, quantity of spectrum acquired by player, technology, price paid per MHz per PoP for 10 years and detailed information on the regulatory status.

2. A report (updated half-yearly) providing you with the state-of-the-art regarding LTE: overview of dynamics in LTE markets up to 2020 by geographical area and by technology. It also provides you with analyses of the worldwide LTE market status, LTE pricing, new services, technological issues, recent pieces of news on spectrum allocations, spectrum prices comparison, roaming, chipsets and devices.
With regards to spectrum, latest developments in the field are highlighted. Information include the main evolutions of the regulatory framework, spectrum sharing issues and new radio technologies, 5G developments, mobile spectrum in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, North and South America, and Africa Middle East, and spectrum valuation.
New LEO Projects
Market report
more After a first wave of interest in the mid-1990s followed by several failures at the beginning of the 2000s, LEO constellations are again under the spotlight, with players such as SpaceX and OneWeb showing great ambition. These LEO constellations must bring reduced latency and increased capacity but how does it match with the market demand of today and tomorrow. How disruptive are LEO constellations and what place could they find in the telecom market...

• What makes LEO different from MEO and GEO satellites?
• Why would LEO constellations be more successful today than yesterday? What has changed?
• Which markets do LEO constellations target?
• What place will LEO have in the era of 5G?
• What challenges lie in building such constellations?
• Who will succeed? Who will have more difficulty?
IoT verticals
Market report
more This report analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the IoT market around the globe.
It explores the driving forces behind the market’s growth and transformation.
Its examination of market trends in 14 major verticals is enriched by volume forecasts up to 2030 by four geographical areas and by five technologies.

These forecasts up to 2030 by region, access technology and vertical cover:
• Installed base of IoT objects (million units)
• Installed base of different vertical markets (million units)
• Installed base of different access networking technologies (million units).

• Automotive • Utilities • Security • Consumer electronics • Healthcare • Transport • Retail/Commerce • Agriculture • Livestock/pets • Wellness • Smart city • Smart home • Manufacturing industry • Logistics
• Cellular • Wired • Wireless • Satellite • LPWA
Covered markets:
• World consolidated • North America • Latin America • Europe • APAC
5G and the verticals
Market report
more This study first introduces the concepts of 5G and the expected technical specifications that will provide new solutions to meet the requirements of vertical industries.

In a second stage, the report dives deep into the selected verticals that are most likely to leverage 5G technologies. It further identifies new expected services, requirements and trends for adoption.

Finally, the study gives an assessment of the patterns of 5G adoption in vertical markets up to 2025.
Sport going digital
Market report
more This report analyses the digital services and technologies deployed in sport. Particular emphasis is given to wearables, which now account for the majority of products marketed in connected sport.

The report provides an overview of the services and technologies that accompany connected sport.

It goes on to present the positioning and strategies of the main players along the market's value chain.

Lastly, the report provides an estimate of the market up to 2021, and analyses the obstacles and incentives affecting its development.
more This report describes the various impacts of digitisation on the automotive industry.
It examines the connected-car ecosystem, in terms of applications, implementation techniques and related business models.
It also provides insights regarding self-driving vehicles
It introduces the concept of car-as-a-service
It analyses the strategies of manufacturers, mobile carriers and application providers
It reviews the main drivers and barriers for connected-car market take-off and also offers forecasts in volume and in value for mobile carrier opportunities.
Connected cities
Market report
more The aim of this study is to obtain a detailed snapshot of superfast connectivity with a download rate superior or equal to 100 Mbps in big cities around the world and to draw out the top 10 selection.
This comparison between cities is based on qualitative criteria such as quality of service, affordability compared to local standard of living and on quantitative criteria such as coverage or market competition.
Ultrafast access technologies
Market report
more This report provides a state of the art of the different ultrafast Internet access networks available today:
- FTTH optical fibre networks;
- Upgraded cable networks with coax in the last mile,
- Copper twisted pair networks (phone lines).

This state of the art allows for a comparison of the different technologies' technical performance, and to measure the pros and cons of each.
The report gives readers a detailed snapshot of operators' current ultrafast broadband rollouts and future plans, for each class of technology.
It also delivers concise insights into the main technical, economic and strategic issues surrounding ultrafast access technologies.
Artificial reality
Market report
more This study on Artificial Reality, highlights technological and industrial trends and its state of the art as well as market figures and forecasts.

The report proposes a detailed analysis of the positioning of major offerings through relevant case studies.
It provides readers with the main takeaways regarding number of devices, games and revenues in order to establish a clear landscape of market's long awaited take-off.
Cellular M2M markets
more This report analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the M2M market around the globe.
It explores the driving forces behind the market’s growth and transformation, including an examination of major market trends, plus volume and value forecasts up to 2020 by region (4) and by country (25).
It also presents the quantitative evolution of cellular modules, by application and by networking technology.

Forecasts up to 2020 by region and by segment: Revenues for module, hardware, connectivity, integration segments:
• Installed base of M2M subscribers
• Installed base of different networking technologies
• Installed base of different cellular-networking technologies



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