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IDATE Research's market report programme constitutes a natural extension of the work performed by our teams of analysts, as well as our ongoing investments in information and monitoring systems for player strategies and markets in the digital economy – the DigiWorld.

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Our research catalog is organized around four areas that cover 12 specific categories. Each of these provides insight into key markets through a comprehensive set of deliverables – datasets, reports and slide decks. Contact us for the complete list of publications and pricing conditions for single studies or packages.

Future NetworksTelecom StrategiesMedia StrategiesDigital Living
WirelineTelecom Players & MarketsTelevision & Over-The-TopConnected Economy
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Smart Metering
Market report
more This report reviews the state of smart meter rollouts in various countries (Europe, USA, Japan), which form the first steps of eventual national scale smart grids. Whilst electricity meters are at the forefront of such rollouts, gas and water must also be considered. The drivers and barriers for this market are assessed, and forecasts are made for the number of smart meters to be deployed and the resulting cellular connectivity revenues, up to 2018. Finally, some future paths which may be explored for expansion into smart grids are examined.
World LTE market
more The bundle World LTE market includes two deliverables:
1. A database (updated half-yearly): quantitative & qualitative data for 45 countries, 6 zones & world consolidated - 76 LTE operator sheets are also available. It gathers information about spectrum issues, technologies, revenue & subscriber data & forecasts up to 2018.

2. A report (updated half-yearly) providing you with the state-of-the-art regarding LTE: overview of dynamics in LTE markets up to 2018 by geographical area and by technology. It also provides you with analyses of the worldwide market status, LTE pricing, new services, technological issues, spectrum, roaming, chipsets and devices.

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World FTTx market
more The bundle World FTTx market includes two deliverables:
1. A report analysing the developments in FTTx markets up to 2018.
It presents a geographical panorama of FTTx access solutions in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Middle East & Africa. It also includes an overview of the major world leaders as well as a panorama of the ultrafast broadband markets: Services and tariffs, ultrafast broadband market

2. A half-yearly updated dataset covering:
- 70 countries & 250+ player sheets including their roll-out projects
- data for markets at December 2013 & forecasts up to 2018 for home passed and subscribers by architecture (FTTH/B, VDSL, FTTx/Docsis 3.0, FTTx+LAN)

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SDN and NFV in a telco world
Market report
more This report addresses the standardisation efforts, it explores telco and equipment suppliers' positioning on new networking architecture concepts.

It analyses the strategies and degree of involvement of the ecosystem's various stakeholders and provides SDN/NFV market figures, particularly from the telco perspective
Mobile and online payment
Market report
more This report gives an overview of the mobile and online payment market.
It provides the main figures for each market segment (in-store payment, carrier billing, remote online payment).
The latest market trends are analyzed, as well as the position and evolution of the main players (especially telcos and Internet players).
World Telecom Services - Markets & Players
more The bundle World Telecom Services - Markets & Players includes three deliverables:
1. A report (ppt format) providing readers with the current status of the telecom services market, along with analyses of global trends and growth dynamics by technology and by markets. It also offers an overview of the leading telcos worldwide, analyses of their KPIs and their strategies they apply,

2. A dataset dedicated to service revenues and usages with data and forecasts up to 2018 for 29 countries, 7 regions & world consolidated,

3. A dataset dedicated to 30 leading telcos' KPIs including: company financial account, revenues by segment and operating data.

These deliverables are updated every six months - this bundle does not include the update
LTE-Advanced & 5G
Market report
more This study details what LTE-Advanced brings to Mobile Network Operators and how it will help overcome the challenges of providing higher throughputs to more users.After detailing operators' deployment strategies, it presents the different features of LTE-Advanced and its roadmap before dealing with what 5G could look like.
Operators' strategies are evaluated as well as the benefits and challenges which the features of LTE-Advanced help to overcome.
On-board connectivity
Market report
more This report explores the leading on-board connectivity markets: aircraft, ships and trains, providing usage and market data, along with insights into the key issues and challenges at hand. It also examines how much of a threat LTE poses, and how satellite can prepare to take on this new rival.
The connectivity market for cars is examined in a separate IDATE report "Connected Cars - Overview and trends".
FTTx services and pricing
Market report
more This report focuses on the services offered by telecom and cable operators via their FTTx infrastructures.
It analyses the various speeds offered, the services included in the offering, pricing tiers and also highlights disparities between regions.
15 players offering ultra-fast broadband and representative of all the regions were used in this analysis.
Cloud TV
Market report
more This report explores changes in users' viewing habits and the way video is being distributed over IP networks. It focuses on new cloud TV solutions by segment and type of vendor, and situates them in terms of their ability to satisfy the needs of video publishing professionals and consumers.
Real-Time Bidding
Market report
more This report examines the market of RTB (real time bidding), the concept within advertising which is today showing the most growth; it provides increased ROI for both demand and supply, and has further potential as it spreads from current indirect sales to also direct sales. The global market sizing and forecasts, together with country breakdowns of the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and Japan is provided, together with the main drivers and barriers for this market. The strategies of the Internet giants (GAFA), together with examples of specialised players (DSPs, SSPs and ad networks) are also looked into.
Telco CDN
Market report
more This report explores telecom carriers' strategies with respect to content delivery networks (CDN). It analyses the impact of telcos' arrival into the CDN value chain, especially with respect to pure-player CDN companies and equipment suppliers. It concludes with an analysis of the market that telcos can expect to capture over the long term, especially in the realm of mobile solutions which today are few and far between.
Rightholders turn OTT
Market report
more This report spotlights premium content right holders' strategies to tap the new internet territories. It provides a benchmark of OTT services launched by major rightholders. The study also provides the analyses and conclusions on these OTT strategies in highlighting their drivers and hurdles: technology, regulation, consumption patterns. Finally, it addresses the question of viability of an exclusive OTT strategy for Sport, Cinema & TV series right holders.
Connected Cars
Market report
more This report describes the connected car ecosystem, in terms of applications, implementation techniques and also related business models.
It analyses the connected car strategies of manufacturers, mobile carriers and application providers.
It describes the main drivers and barriers for connected car market take-off. It also provides forecasts in volume and in value for mobile carrier opportunities.
Net Neutrality
Market report
more This report provides an in-depth benchmark of 12 major countries regarding the Net Neutrality debate, taking into account discrimination practices, state of regulatory and political debate, stakeholders positions and provides analysis of case studies.
Public safety spectrum
Market report
more This study details existing spectrum allocation for public safety services. It presents the requirements for broadband services and the corresponding spectrum needs of public safety users. The use of commercial LTE networks by public safety users is analyzed and the mobile broadband strategies for PPDR players are evaluated.
Market report
more The TD-LTE ecosystem is still in its early days but the commercial launch by China Mobile in December 2013 is going to boost the TD-LTE market.
Our estimates for TD-LTE subscriptions in December 2013, based on the data from our LTE Watch service, indicate fewer than 3.5 million subscriptions.
This report presents the TD-LTE deployment status in the main markets (Japan, USA, China, Australia, India), the device ecosystem and the technical aspects of the TD-LTE ecosystem.
Telco Consolidation in Europe
Market report
more This report studies the reasons encouraging the consolidation of Europe’s telecom industry. It assesses the drivers and hurdles for potential consolidation operations.
It reviews a number of previous examples of consolidation in order to gauge their impact, the factors that have helped make them successful or the reasons for their failure, where applicable.
It concludes that consolidation of the telecom industry at pan-European level will be conducted in two stages.
Emerging markets
Market report
more At a time when telecom services revenue growth is slowing worldwide, emerging markets still have potential. This does not mean that all emerging regions and countries are progressing at the same pace: market dynamics and their underlying forces can differ dramatically, as can stakeholders' investment capabilities, industry structures, etc. This report takes a look at these differences.
Next Gen Home Consoles
Market report
more This report explores the technical specifications of the latest generation of home consoles, their features and the gaming and non-gaming services they deliver. It focuses on machines produced by Nintendo (Wii U), Sony (Playstation 4) and Microsoft (Xbox One), i.e. the leading players in this still very lucrative market, and purveyors of the most spectacular gaming experiences.

First, it puts these devices – which were initially devoted solely to gaming – squarely inside the environment of the smart home in search of a box that can take over all of the household’s audio and video entertainment services and functions simply, efficiently and intuitively. Today’s consoles are involved, more than ever before, in the distribution of audiovisual services – a segment where, typically, ISPs, pay-TV channels, hybrid box suppliers and other broadcasters and distributors are all vying for the upper hand.
From a purely entertainment perspective, and beyond technical specs and pricing strategies, IDATE analyses the consoles’ three main areas of development, and what this means for the market:
- The user interface (UI): joystick/controller, gesture recognition, voice recognition, companion screen
- The cloud at the heart of 8th generation consoles, and especially access and download services, play as you download, remote functionalities, games on demand, etc.
- Social media features: backward compatibility of gamer accounts, cross-game voice chat, DVR games, live streaming and content sharing features.
more The latest global trends in the Internet market, from both the telco and OTT perspective covering the following key services, both fixed and mobile: Internet Access & Usages, Search, E-Commerce, Social Networks, Advertising, Mobile Apps, LBS, plus, new in this edition, Video OTT, OTT VoIP and Online Games.
• A half-yearly updated database + report
providing data and forecasts up to 2017 on the Internet services Markets -uses and revenue, by country and region.They cover Europe, Americas and Asia-Pacific, and analyse the major trends by segment as well as the key players in the market.
more This insight evaluates the impact of new radio technologies on Spectrum management . It evaluates how these enhancements will help maximize the use of radio spectrum. It focuses on spectrum sharing with analyses on cognitive radio, white spaces, LSA (Licensed Shared Access) and LTE in unlicensed Spectrum.

This insight is part of the Spectrum watch which covers:
• a dataset
• three market insights
• a status report
• Direct access to lead spectrum analysts
Data centres
Market report
more This report provides an overview of key developments around data centres (technologies, players’ strategies, etc…). It looks at the arbitration facing stakeholders when deciding where to locate a new data centre. Based on this, it expands to regional development and impacts for local authorities.
World TV & New Video Services Markets
more A half-yearly updated database covering:
Consumption, Access and Revenue , with data and forecasts for 2010-2018

A half-yearly updated Status report presenting IDATE's regularly updated vision of developments in the linear TV and Video markets in the largest global economies up to 2018:
-TV and OTT video access modes: Terrestrial, Cable, Satellite, IPTV, fixed and mobile Internet
-Network digitization
-TV and video consumption: audience and time spent
-Television and video revenues: TV revenues: advertising, subscription, public revenues - Physical video revenues - Video on demand revenues
VDSL2 - G.Fast - FTTdp
Market report
more Vectoring and bonding are starting to be deployed in certain countries, even if the technical and regulatory constraints would seem to point to only small-scale rollouts. G.Fast is the next generation standard being examined today. This insight provides readers with an update on the latest technological developments in VDSL2.

This insight is part of the FTTx watch which covers:
• Half-yearly updated datasets
• Half-yearly updated status reports
• Bimonthly market insights
• Direct access to lead FTTx analysts



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