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Market report - 31/10/2012 Telco CDN

What place for operators?

Facing the growth in Internet traffic, especially video, the major telecom operators are now deploying CDNs in their networks. They could potentially upset the entire video distribution ecosystem. However, technical deployments are complex and the commercial challenges are daunting in a market that is already very competitive. This study gives the status of this new market and provides information on the positioning of the various players in the value chain.

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• What are the operators' initiatives in CDN?

• How will the other players (traditional CDNs, commercial CDNs, content providers) react to operator CDNs?

• What objectives do operators want to achieve with CDNs?

• Can operators be technically and economically competitive?

• Why is the CDN federation essential to this market's development?

• What are the prospects for this market?

1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology

3. The major concepts of telco CDN
 3.1. Expectations for Telco CDN

 3.1.1. Context
 3.1.2. Telco CDN among the new business models?
 3.1.3. Several objectives for Telco CDN

 3.2. Overview of the traditional CDN
 3.2.1. Associated technologies
 3.2.2. Markets
 3.3. Principles of telco CDN and transparent caching

4. Deployments and strategies of the players
 4.1. Telco positioning

 4.2. CDN Vendor positioning

 4.3. CDN provider positioning

 4.4. CDN backbone player positioning

 4.5. Internet Giants positioning

 4.6. Positioning of other technical service providers involved
5. Strategic analysis
 5.1. Regulatory issues and Net Neutrality
 5.2. Technical challenges
 5.2.1. Sizing the CDN
 5.2.2. What content to cache?
 5.2.3. DNS redirection in question
 5.2.4. Difficulty in implementing analysis tools
 5.2.5. Multiscreen/Mobile

 5.3. CDN federation
 5.3.1. CDN interconnection
 5.3.2. Broker concept
 5.3.3. Load balancing and multi-CDN management tools

 5.4. Economic challenges
 5.4.1. Economic transfers between players
 5.4.2. Arbitrage on price setting
 5.4.3. QoS

 5.5. Relationships between players

 5.6. Market Size

• Comcast
• BT
• DT
• KT
• Orange
• Telecom Argentina
• Telecom Italia
• Telefσnica
• Telstra
• Verizon

• Alcatel Lucent
• Cisco
• Ericsson
• HP
• Huawei
• Juniper Networks
• Nokia Siemens Networks

CDN backbone players
• Cogent
• Level3
• Tata

CDN providers
• Akamai
• Edgecast
• Jetstream
• Limelight Networks

Content providers
• Facebook
• Google
• Netflix

Other CDN players
• BlueCoat
• PeerApp
• Qwilt
• Skytide
• Verivue
The report ships with a slideshow providing the reader with a synopsis of the study's essential points. It enables you:
• to share the principal findings rapidly with your colleagues
• to use the slides for your internal presentations
• or to simply browse through the main thoughts of the market study at a glance

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