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Market report - 18/08/2012 Cloud Gaming

What will change for the video game industry

The gaming industry has been gradually making the shift to digital over the last decade and cloud gaming is the next step in the process. This study examines the challenges facing the industry-wide and commercial deployment of cloud gaming in terms of technology and services. It also identifies the major industrial challenges across the value chain and the growth engines that will encourage development of this new market segment.

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• What role will cloud gaming play in the restructuring of the gaming industry?

• How will the various players in the new value chain fit together? Will this be a turning point for device manufacturers?

• What will be the new challenges facing console manufacturers? What position will accessories have in these new game forms?

• Is connected TV the preferred device for cloud gaming?

• Network infrastructure, bandwidth, lag time… what technological challenges need to be resolved for cloud gaming to really take off?

• What services will be available and what business and pricing models will be used?

• Does cloud gaming herald the end of the console?

1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology

3. Cloud Gaming’s Central Role in the Video Game Industry’s Shift to Digital

4. Market Structure and Key Factors

 4.1. Introduction to cloud computing
 4.2. Technological structure of cloud gaming
 4.2.1. Architecture and operational method
 4.2.2. Technological enhancements (MA)
 4.2.3. Technological challenges
 4.3. Structure of the cloud gaming industry
 4.3.1. Value chain
 4.3.2. Segmentation of the industry
 4.3.3. Products and service available (MA)
 4.4. Factors for market development and platform deployment
 4.4.1. Technological limitations
 4.4.2. Drawing in gamers with content
 4.4.3. Drawing in gamers with services
 4.4.4. Is the market ready?

5. Overview of the Cloud Gaming Market
 5.1. Industrial analysis
 5.1.1. Services available to gaming customers
 5.1.2. Business and pricing models
 5.1.3. Content publication and catalog strategy
 5.1.4. Targeting as a central issue
 5.1.5. The user experience
 5.2. Case Studies
 5.2.1. Summary table

6. Players
 6.1. G-Cluster
 6.2. Gaikai
 6.3. GameStop and SpawnLab
 6.4. iSwifter
 6.5. OnLive
 6.6. OTOY
 6.7. PlayCast Media
 6.8. Spooncloud Gaming
 6.9. T5 Labs
 6.10. Ubitus

Analytical grid for each examined player: • Company • Offering • Partnerships • Business and pricing model

7. Challenges, Market Strategies and Forecasts
 7.1. Challenges across  the value chain
 7.1.1. Cloud gaming service provider
 7.1.2. Casual gaming developers and publishers
 7.1.3. An additional distribution channel for publishers, a long-term risk for console manufacturers
 7.1.4. Consumer electronics manufacturers
 7.1.5. Cloud gaming: a loss leader for the Web titans
 7.1.6. Retailers
 7.1.7. An opportunity for online distributors to break free of the computer
 7.1.8. Service and traffic for ISPs and telcos
 7.1.9. Challenges related to audience by TV industry players
 7.1.10. Cloud gaming is following the industry trend toward inter-operability and standardization

8. Annexed list of cloud computing companies

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