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World Internet Markets: online search

The online search marketing worldwide revenues will rise from 34 billion EUR in 2012 to 62 billion EUR in 2016
World Internet Markets

Our ongoing tracking of the main Internet markets – Search, Social Networking, Video, e-commerce, Mobile apps, Online advertising – for fixed and mobile access is a very helpful source for a better understanding of the World of Internet. You can find some of our results for the Search market below.

Fixed search: saturated
  • The vast majority of countries already have 90%+ penetration levels, so there is little room for further growth
  • Italy, Spain and China are slightly behind as the internet has been slower to develop there. But penetration is expected to reach close to 90% by 2016.
  • Local players tend to be strong in Asia: Naver in South Korea, Baidu in China and Yahoo! Japan in Japan.

Mobile search: the new growth engine
  • With the rise in mobile Internet penetration, the number of mobile searchers is also expected to grow.
  • Japan, and to a lesser extent South Korea, already have high mobile Internet penetration, and so high penetration for mobile search.

US dominates search market
  • The US has traditionally been strong in the field of advertising, and since search revenue is based 100% on advertising, America leads the way in search revenue.
  • The highest growth will come from China, however, with an expected CAGR of 28.6% from 2012 to 2016 –compared to a 10.9% CAGR for the same period in the US.

The UK dominates in terms of per-user revenue
  • If the US also has high per-user revenue, the UK’s was slightly higher in 2012. They are expected to be neck and neck by 2016.
  • Behind these two leaders come France, Germany, Japan and South Korea, although their per-user revenue in 2016 will still be below that of the US and the UK in 2012.

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