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Status of FTTH in Europe

17.5% penetration rate at the end of 2010

World FTTx Markets

In Europe, the growth rate for subscribers and homes/buildings passed picked up speed in 2010 – increasing to 22% and 21%, respectively, between June and December 2010. In the EU-36 (including Russia), there were nearly 8.1 million FTTH/B subscribers and close to 33 million homes/buildings passed. Excluding Russia, there were 3.9 millions subscribers and 22.3 million homes passed in Europe at the end of 2010.

 “We are seeing steady growth in the European FTTH/B market, which is being spurred largely by Eastern European countries, and especially Russia,” says Roland Montagne, Director of IDATE’s Telecoms Business Unit. “European incumbents are becoming increasingly involved in FTTH, and nearly all have FTTH rollout plans or are already deploying fibre on a large scale.”

Main trends in the European FTTH/B market at the end of 2010
• A notable proportionate decrease in homes passed by municipalities & utilities.
• Slight growth in France, Sweden and Norway: 2%, 4% and 5% increase, respectively, in homes passed for the second half of 2010.
• The highest growth is in Eastern Europe, especially in Latvia, reporting a 61% rise in the second half of the year, Lithuania at 33% and Estonia at 26% during that same period.
• We are seeing increased coverage in the new EU markets like Turkey and Ukraine.
• FTTB is still the main architecture deployed at the end of December 2010, with most players opting for Ethernet technology.  
• Most European incumbents have integrated FTTH offers or are currently involved in rollouts.
• National broadband plans  are taking over from local initiatives and stimulating private initiatives, like the recent announcement from France Telecom.
• Aside from Russia, the majority of subscribers (around 67% of FTTH/B subscribers at the end of 2010) are concentrated in eight countries in Western and Northern Europe: Sweden, Italy, France, Lithuania, Norway, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Turkey.

European FTTH/B market as part of the global total
Residential and business users in Europe are not yet convinced of the benefits of  FTTH, and penetration rates at the end of 2010 (% of subscribers out of total homes passed) were still very low: 17.5% compared to 39% in Japan and 34% in the United States.

Roland Montagne 
Director Telecoms Business Unit, IDATE

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