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Smartphones in Business

More than 45% of business users with an own smartphone adopt the BYOD
Smartphones in Business

On the occasion of the Réseaux & Télécoms Expo 2012 in Paris, IDATE unveils the latest results coming from its exclusive field survey on smartphones uses in business. The smartphone has become a must-have digital device for the public, and has also taken over the business world, both directly (employer provided) and indirectly (with Bring Your Own Device). Our exclusive survey, conducted simultaneously in the three largest European markets – France, Germany and the United Kingdom, examines the extent of direct and indirect smartphone usage for business purposes and analyzes usage, requirements and employees' perceptions of their smartphones at work.

" We took this initiative after having observed a lack of accurate data on smartphone usage in the corporate world, unlike the consumer market for which a growing number of surveys, observatories and indexes exist – and so provide solid figures on trends in that market", comments Anne Causse, Director of studies project manager for this survey. She adds: "If this new survey is focused chiefly on the business market, in the traditional sense of the term , the current Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon requires us to adopt a broader view."

Business market momentum masked by personal equipment 
  • Consumers’ desire for the latest smartphones has translated into personal equipment levels that are now double business equipment levels.

  • Equipment rates in the business market are nevertheless progressing at a very healthy pace and, in 2012 alone, 10% to 15% of employees in Germany, France and the UK are expected to be equipped with a new smartphone by their company.

  • The UK, which is home to the highest equipment levels and the most advanced hybrid mobile strategies, is proving a veritable living lab for developments that are likely to catch on in neighbouring markets in the near future.

BYOD: acceleration in overlaps of the business and personal spheres 
  • Because many users began with a personal smartphone before having one supplied or required by their company, BYOD (bring your own device) is now very prevalent – involving half of all those with their own personal smartphone, and this in all countries.

  • Whether supplied directly by the company or indirectly through the development of BYOD, depending on the country, between three and four out of 10 employees report using a smartphone (business and/or personal) for business purposes.

Equipment: top consumer market brands benefiting from BYOD

The surveys enables to: 
  • To identify the share of brands and OS for the business market and for the BYOD

  • To compare the growth momentum for smartphones and tablets

IDATE’s classification distinguishes key applications

We have translated the different ways in which smartphones make it into the workplace into three usage profiles: “business subscribers” whose company pays their subscription, "combiners" who, although they have an enterprise smartphone, also use their personal smartphone for business purposes, and "unofficial users" who compensate for the lack of company-supplied equipment by using their own resources, both hardware and subscription plan, either occasionally or all the time for business purposes.

Productivity and security: central to changing behaviour in the workplace

More than 8 out of 10 users report direct and indirect productivity gains thanks to the use of a smartphone at work… but one in two also complain about the stress and invasive nature of being “always on”.
Although very much in demand, smartphones in the workplace nonetheless remain a real security risk for sensitive business data (need for greater awareness, protection mechanisms weak or lacking, etc.).

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