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Privacy, Openness and Trust

Communications & Strategies No. 88

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COMMUNICATIONS & STRATEGIES No. 88, 4th Quarter 2012
Privacy, Openness and Trust

Summary : Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and the Internet in particular, offer companies the ability to collect large amounts of data about their users, and to use this information as a key input for value creation. New business models based on gathering and aggregating personal data and leveraging big data technologies, lead to innovative market offerings. To become successful, they depend on disclosure (openness) and trust on the users' side. Though the disclosure of personal information might benefit consumers via, for example, better tailored services, openness also creates risks of abuse of personal data, ranging from increasing market power (e.g., due to price discrimination) to privacy breaches by the data holder, or even cybercrime from initiatives of rogue third parties.

Interview with Isabelle FALQUE-PIERROTIN
President, CNIL, France
Conducted by Vincent BONNEAU (IDATE, Montpellier)
> Read the full interview on our blog.
> To follow, the interview with Hal VARIAN Chief Economist at Google (available next week)



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