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Open data

Acceleration in the number of projects despite slow market structuring
Open Data

IDATE has just released its report "Open data: IT and telecom positions in the Open Data value chain". Open data and its applications are a basic Internet movement based on Web 2.0 sharing and collaboration, in particular open innovation. This study provides an understanding of Open Data strategies in the public and private sectors. It also presents strategies followed by the various IT and telecom players involved in the Open Data value chain.

The Open Data phenomenon needs no introduction, the opening up of data and applications now being recognized as a basic Internet movement based on Web 2.0 sharing and collaboration, in particular open innovation.

Every week, there are announcements of newly launched services to release data produced, held or collected by organizations (public or private) that was previously reserved for internal use. This “open” data is freely accessible and reusable, and may carry license restrictions for use. "In reality," says Guillaume Goudard, Project manager for this report, “free access does not necessarily mean free of charge, and access to open data may require payment.”

The public sector is primarily involved in releasing data because it has a considerable amount of internal data available. Cities can directly benefit financially from open data while reducing the costs of making information available, specifically the cost of paper. But the model for public players is a little complex. The prospect of open data projects between public and private sectors usually relies on the co-existence of two worlds with relatively antagonistic views: “Public Sector = Free and /or contributory” and “Private Sector = Paid and market-based”. Among the various keys to understanding, IDATE has chosen to analyse the open data ecosystem in the private sector, by distinguishing four main groups of players, as presented in the figure below.

Guillaume Goudard
Consultant, DigiWorld by IDATE

> Executive seminar "Smart Cities & Digital Living" within the frame of the DigiWorld Summit 2012 – 14 November 2012

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Senior Consultant
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