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Internet of Things: A new avenue of research

Communications & Strategies No. 87

IDATE has published its latest COMMUNICATIONS & STRATEGIES No. 87, 3rd quarter 2012 Internet of Things: A new avenue of research

Summary : The Internet of Things (IoT) endows objects with intelligence and ability to communicate, connecting people and machines anywhere, anytime. IoT applications exist in various domains: health, domotics, security and control, the supply chain. IoT exemplifies - and is driven by - major changes in technological convergence, pervasiveness and ubiquity, increases in mobility, traceability, and so on. This special issue aims to develop a better understanding of what the Internet of Things is and what its potential impacts may be. This Dossier includes contributions from different fields of research in order to grasp the various dimensions of IoT in a multidisciplinary perspective (law, economics and management, political science, etc.).

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Interview with Rudolf van der BERG
Economist & Policy Analyst, OECD
Conducted by Martin CAVE (Imperial College Business School, London)
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