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Global LTE forecasts

371 million subscribers expected in 2015

IDATE provides regular analyses of the main trends shaping the world’s mobile markets: networks, devices and services. On the occasion of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (14-17 February 2011), IDATE have teamed up to publish the new edition of its special White Paper: “LTE 2011 - Markets & Trends”.

IDATE predicts that, in 2015, there will be 371 million LTE users worldwide. Based on modelling results and considering the case of an MNO already operating GSM and 3G networks, the total cumulated investment for the LTE RAN overlay deployment from 2011 to 2018 will come to 335 million EUR.

We will see a great many new smartphones and connected devices (dongles, tablets, connected laptops, routers…) coming onto the LTE market in 2011. It will be the US and Asia that drive LTE growth overall, while TD-LTE will take off in China and in India in the near future.

Innovative services and business models, such as investment/revenue sharing, and VoLTE which can bring benefits to both operators and subscribers, need to be deployed if operators are to maximise the potential of LTE deployments, maintain ARPU levels and have their network continue to be a smart pipe.



Frédéric PUJOL
Head of the Mobile Services
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