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Big Data : Economic, business & policy challenges

Communications & Strategies 97 is out !

Just published

 Edited by Vincent BONNEAU, Anders HENTEN, Robin MANSELL & Teodosio PÉREZ AMARAL


This issue of Communications & Strategies considers issues raised by 'big data'. 'Big data' is a concept that is attracting increasing attention in many quarters. The papers offer analyses of the business opportunities relating to big data and the issues that need to be addressed if opportunities are to be realized. Developments in the 'big data' market have implications for changing power relations among businesses, many of them related to governance and control mechanisms and to value creation and distribution. The academic papers are completed by three interviews with leading experts, from OECD, Microsoft, Google and University of California, who offer their views on the challenges to society and business as well as academic researchers. Finally, this issue also features an Appendix, a preliminary declaration on digital human rights, developed by the think tank, Forum d'Avignon.

Three exclusive interviews:

- Jřrgen Abild ANDERSEN, OECD Committe on Digital Economy Policy
- Damien CUDEL, Data Insight Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft
- Pr. Hal VARIAN, University of California; Chief Economist at Google read the interview

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