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The next battle will be on connected TV

Connected TV Watch Service

Upcoming app store wars on connected TV

A key ingredient in the success of smartphones, app stores could also prove a major force in driving the adoption and monetization of smart TVs – at least that’s what the makers of Internet-ready devices are hoping, of which some have already begun rolling out their application stores.

For manufacturers of connected devices, operating an app store makes sense on two fronts: first, as a way to develop a new revenue stream thanks to commissions on developers’ app sales and second, and more importantly, to help boost the sales of their connected devices by using their app stores as a key selling point.

Following in the footsteps of Samsung and its Samsung Apps for connected TV which launched back in March 2010 in the United States, Yahoo and Google are now gearing up to deploy their TV app stores as well. But the most highly anticipated development here comes from Apple – will the leading mobile app store expand into television or will it pull out of the competition, opting instead to bank on the iPad as a personal TV?

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