The economics of platform markets

Communications & Strategies no. 99

DigiWorld Summit 2015: 37th Edition

Digital First: ICT Players vs. the news disrupters. The programme is available!

DigiWorld Week 2015

A full week devoted to innovation and the digital economy: what really matters, and where we go from here

DigiWorld Awards

Rewarding French Tech talents around the world

Internet of Things

A key pillar for digital transformation

Ultra-fast broadband world market

Markets at December 2014 & Forecasts to 2019

World Telecom Services Market

Trends & Analyses, January to June 2015

Small cells and Wifi offloading

Now mainstream for MNOs

Video game

SNJV and IDATE have just released the 2nd edition of the yearly report on Video game in France (in French)

Europe needs a pro-investment mobile regulatory framework

IDATE has just released a report on “Mobile operators’ investments”

Deployment of ultra fast broadband by local authorities

The Metropolis of Lyon invests in in widespread fiber optic network (in French)

VOIP and instant messaging

VOIP and instant messaging have not harmed EU telcos
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