FTTx Monetization

The UFB market is forecast to reach 181 billion EUR in 2018

Smart watches and glasses: 123 million wearables will be sold in 2018

Markets spurred by innovation and connected devices

Ultra-fast broadband in Europe: 55% more of subscribers

Accelerated growth in FTTH/B coverage from incumbents and enhancement in competition from new entrants, even in mature markets

LTE trends

IDATE announces 2.3 billion LTE subscriptions worldwide by the end of 2018, generating revenue of close to Ä700 billion

Our Practices

Our team has established its credibility and independence in conducting consultancy and study assignments on behalf of its clients: market studies, international benchmarking, strategic marketing, public policies.

Our Assignments

Our consultants assist public and private-sector clients in their decision-making through consulting and market research services.

Digiworld Summit 2014 : Mobility reloaded

We ainít seen nothing yet! Program & Speakers

Hub One becomes an IDATE member

And joins other big names from the digital industry inside the DigiWorld Institute

DigiWorld Yearbook Africa and the Middle East

The promises of the digital revolution

IDATE is coming to b<>com in Rennes

A natural collaboration for two experts in the digital economy.
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