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DigiWorld Institute

Over the years, DigiWorld Institute by IDATE has become one of Europe’s foremost centres of market analysis and debate, specialised in the telecommunications, internet and media industry markets.

The DigiWorld Institute was created several years back to support those Institute initiatives that embody the originality of this European forum for debate and experience-sharing which is at the heart of our project.

European forum on the digital world

  • Encompassing all of the fields targeted by convergence, the DigiWorld Institute is focused on fostering open, independent and uniquely European debate on the digital world and the industrial, economic, political and social challenges at hand.
  • With this goal in mind, the DigiWorld Institute has already won the support of over 50 leading international corporations, some directly involved in the ITC sectors, others guided by their conviction of ICT’s paramount role in their development: telecommunications enterprises, media groups, financial institutions, manufacturers, companies that rely heavily on ICT for their operations…

A dual ambition

The support received from the DigiWorld Institute is reflective of a dual ambition:
  • To provide a unique location in Europe for strategic debate and exchanging industry views of the digital world, enabling both meetings between corporate heads and informal discussions with regulators, public policy-makers and prominent academics.
  • To be instrumental in creating a better understanding across Europe of the stakes that the information society represents, by undertaking wide-reaching initiatives that offer DigiWorld Programme Members the chance to establish themselves as core players in the construction of an e-Europe and of the DigiWorld.



Sophie MONJO
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