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Wide array of activities and initiatives

DigiWorld Network

  • The DigiWorld Clubs : Brussels, London and Paris
    Membership for two company executives in the 3 Clubs that meets ten times a year, generally in the form of a breakfast meeting in Paris, London and Brussels attended by a distinguished guest. Participants who belong to a DigiWorld Institute Member company are co-opted on these occasions. There are no press releases or minutes of the discussions and debates that take place at Club meetings.
  • European Workshops
    To enhance its international scope, the Club also now hosts European seminars a minimum twice yearly. These one-day events are held in a European capital city and offer the chance to meet with local industry leaders and public decision-makers.
  • International Business Trip
    Every year, Members chose a country which then becomes the destination of a high-level study mission (China, India, Japan, South Korea, ...). In 2012, they travelled to New York and San Francisco.

DigiWorld Events

  • The DigiWorld Summit
    This conference has become a key annual event in Europe, providing an opportunity to take stock of the latest developments in the telecom, internet and media sectors. In addition to receiving complementary invitations to the Summit, Members are invited join the Steering Committee at the start of the year to help choose the overall theme of the upcoming conference, to discuss which individual topics should be addressed, and to appoint members of their staff to represent them in the debates.
  • Associated events
    Throughout the year, a policy of targeted partnerships allows us to offer a line-up of special events devoted to key issues, organised with IDATE experts and supported by member corporations.

DigiWorld Publishing

  • The DigiWorld Yearbook
    A veritable strategic atlas of the digital world, the DigiWorld Yearbook is an annual one-volume publication that provides key indicators for the telecom, internet and television industries, along with a chronicle of the outstanding trends and events from the past 12 months. It is also available in digital format (eBook and iPad), for download onto Member company’s web or intranet servers.
  • The DigiWorld Economic Journal
    Upon request, Members will receive copies of Communication & Strategies – a reputed English language quarterly devoted to ICT economics – in addition to enjoying special rates on the market reports published throughout the year.

DigiWorld Collaborative Research

  • The DigiWorld Institute proposes to its Members a programme of Collaborative research - Content as a Service, Personal Data, Smart City and Future of European Telecom - with the following benefit:

    • Understanding technological changes and new economic models needs to be shared:
    - in a world of open innovation,
    - where upstream, precompetitive thinking prepares the necessary partnerships for launching new products and services.

    • Participants benefit from enriched analysis, understand the expectations of their potential partners and initiate collaborative strategies:
    - by bringing contrasting views to a common programme,
    - thinking together about future possibilities,
    - seeking to establish points of convergence between their market positions.

    • With its collaborative research programmes, the DigiWorld Institute proposes that public authorities and companies join together to:
    - access the expertise of its consultants,
    - and build a common vision.
> Ask for more information and how become a Member: Sophie Monjo, s.monjo@idate.org




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