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DigiWorld Yearbook 2016: Africa and Middle east

The IDATE DigiWorld teams of experts have published the third edition of the special report exploring the ins and outs of the digital economy in Africa and the Mfddle East.

What will the Internet look like in Africa and the Middle East?

Africa is a market full of promise. First for the countries and the people who live and work there, as telecom infrastructures are vital to their ongoing development and, second, because when il cornes to the-lnternet,we expect to see usage behaviour and an entrepreneurial dynamic that are particular to the region, but in many ways comparable to what we have seen in other parts of the world.

The stakes and challenges are of course just as high for global telecommunications players and Internet platforms in search of growth outlets.

ln this edition:

Issues surrounding the Internet   Geographical trajectories
- The great regulatory challenge
- What infrastructure to support the lnternet's development?
- A telecom market in search of growth
- Which device to acœss the Internet?
- How is the Internet being used?
- Disparate marketplaces
- National data
Strategic trajectories
- Operators: a race to achieve critical mass?
- Economie data on market players
 Published in collaboration with CIO Mag and with support from DigiWorld lnstitute members Eutelsat, Nokia, Orange, PwC and Verizon.
Available in print (€100 incl. VAT) and PDF (€68.58 incl. VAT) versions  



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