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DigiWorld Economic Journal - Communication & Strategies No. 100, 4th Quarter 2015

Digital innovation vs. secular stagnation?

Edited by Gilbert CETTE & Yves GASSOT

Communications & Strategies, the DigiWorld Economic Journal, is celebrating its 25th anniversary with this issue No. 100. For this jubilee issue, the Editors have collected contributions from leading economists who examine the links between digital innovation and the associated developments, directly or indirectly, in terms of productivity, growth and job creation. The guest authors do not all adopt the same angle of analysis nor do they all share the same theses... But, in reading this issue, you will discover a different way of thinking about the big questions raised by these topics..

Exclusive interviews:
- Joel MOKYR, Northwestern University
- Mark T. BOHR, Intel
- Philippe AGHION, College de France; London School of Economics

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