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Communication & Strategies No. 98, 2nd Quarter 2015

A review of SMP regulation
Options for the future

Eds: Richard FEASEY, Christoph PENNINGS,
Ulrich STUMPF & Nicolai VAN GORP

This special edition of Communications & Strategies delves into the debate about the performance of asymmetric regulation (or "SMP approach") and discusses perspectives of repairing or replacing it in the future. One important aspect of the debate that is addressed in this edition is proposals for symmetrical access regulation. In contrast to SMP based regulation, symmetrical regulation applies to all firms independent of market power. This issue aims to contribute to the debate about the performance of the current EU regulatory framework and discusses options for its revision. Thus the papers are also relevant in the context of the Commission's forthcoming review of the framework. We hope that this issue will give the debate a fresh stimulus and input for further thought

An exclusive interview :
- Steve UNGER, Ofcom Group Director and Board Member

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