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Call for Papers

Dossier to be published in No. 99 – 3rd Q. 2015

The Economics of Platform Markets:
Competition or Regulation?

Edited by Marc BOURREAU, Philippe CHANTEPIE,
Steffen HOERNIG & Denis LESCOP

Platform markets, and their regulation, are raising today many policy concerns, in terms of market concentration, net neutrality, data privacy, innovation dynamics, operability, exclusivity, taxation, etc. The research on the economics of platforms in Industrial Economics, Innovation Strategy and Management is also vibrant. Hence, it was natural for the Chair of Innovation & Regulation of Digital Services at Telecom ParisTech to devote a two-day workshop to this important topic in Spring 2015.
The digitization of the economy, having expanded from services to industrial processes, takes place through an economic and technical model which has become even more pervasive: the platform model. Platforms first appeared for the diffusion of content, paid-for or for free, but platforms are also present in other sectors, such as banking (payment platforms) and distribution (marketplaces). The business model of platforms is also spreading in many other service and industrial sectors.
In Industrial Economics, platforms are associated with the theory of two/multi-sided markets developed in the early 2000s. This framework is now very useful for regulators to understand the effects of externalities and pricing, in particular the development of free offers and of market penetration strategies for new products.
In Strategy and Management, platforms are analyzed from a different angle, considering them as the technological support for shared product development. This allows to analyze products from conception to consumption and points to the increasing importance played by ongoing innovation for market participants' strategies.
Though these different perspectives seemingly differ, it is interesting to note that they converge by providing the indispensable foundations for understanding and analyzing the forms and dynamics of competition at work in the digital economy.
Regulators, in the fields of electronic communications, data privacy, consumer protection, competition policy or taxation, need to re-examine their instruments in order to keep up with the rise of the platform business model.
For this special issue on the economics of platforms, we invite papers in economics and management, with a theoretical or empirical approach. A non-exhaustive list of potential topics is: studies of specific platform markets, case studies of platforms, innovation processes and dynamics, big data, lock-in or pricing strategies, competition policy and regulation of platform markets, intellectual property, data protection, transformation of industrial value chains, etc.

Please send submissions (in the form of full papers)
by 15th May 2015 to:


Submission of papers

All papers submitted for publication will be reviewed by at least two referees/experts using the "double blind" system.
Proposals must be submitted in Word format (.doc) and should not exceed 6,500 words – including the abstract and references.
As far as possible, the publisher recommends that you insert some illustrations (tables, diagrams) in the paper, in order to facilitate the general comprehension.
Please ensure that they are readable in grey scale, and that they are of high-definition, in order to guarantee the printing quality.
Bibliographical references should be included at the end of the article. Should these references appear in the text, please indicate the author's name and the year of publication in brackets.

Extra papers

COMMUNICATIONS & STRATEGIES also welcomes submissions for extra papers - off dossier - that typically cover innovative issues in the sector of the telecoms, internet and new media. If your paper is selected by the Editiorial committee, it will be submitted to the double-blind review process.
On the other hand, should you wish to propose a short paper (1500 to 3000 words maximum) for the "Features" rubric, offering factual analyses of recent developments in the fields of regulation and competition, firms and markets, technical innovations, public policies and use logics, please contact Sophie NIGON.
Book reviews are also very welcome should they are in connection with our usual thematics.



Sophie NIGON
Managing Editor
P: +33 (0)467 144 416
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