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DigiWorld Yearbook 2016

DigiWorld Yearbook - 14/06/2016 DigiWorld Yearbook 2016

The challenges of the digital world

Every year, the DigiWorld Yearbook is awaited by players for its unique summary of the digital economy and its highlighting of key trends. For the release of the 16th edition, our team will spur a debate on the possible future for the key sectors: internet, telecoms and TV!

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Key trends

The digital economy in 2025
 1. Internet
 2. Telecom
 3. Television

DigiWorld Atlas
1. The global ICT economy
 1. DigiWorld markets by sector
 2. DigiWorld markets by region
 3. Network equipment
 4. IT services
 5. Telecom  services
 6. Audiovisual services
 7. Internet services
 8. Devices

2. Telecom services and markets
 1. Fixed broadband
 2. Superfast mobile
 3. 5G: all eyes on the prize
 4. From bundles to convergence
 5. Spectrum
 6. Video distribution

3. Contents and media markets
 1. Television
 2. Video
 3. Publishing
 4. Recorded music
 5. Video games
 6. Print media

4. IT, software and network equipment
 1. Cloud computing
 2. Big data
 3. M2M
 4. Security
 5. SDN and virtualisation
 6. The SME market

5. Internet services and players
 1. Social media
 2. Mobile applications
 3. Communication services
 4. E-commerce
 5. The collaborative economy
 6. 3D printing

6. Consumer Electronics

 1. Mobile devices
 2. Video devices and UHD
 3. Smart TVs
 4. The future of set-top boxes
 5. Smart home
 6. Augmented reality and gaming

7. Vertical markets
 1. Connected cars
 2. Smart cities
 3. Travel
 4. Connected health
 5. Retail
 6. Industrial internet of Things

DigiWorld chronicle
 Satellites and the new LEO rush

 A solid foundation for net neutrality in the US?

 Civilian drone market being restructured

 The Charter – TWC – Bright House merger gives birth to the N°2 in the US cable market

 Brazil’s telecom landscape being redrawn

 SIGFOX and the IoT network battle

 AT&T buys DirecTV

 Google becomes Alphabet

Altice buys Cablevision and gains a toehold in the US

 Dell changes tack

 WRC-15 fails to grant the mobile sector’s wishlist

Agreement over Europe’s future data protection directive

Region profiles
• Europe
• North America
• Asia/Pacific
• Latin America
• Africa/Middle-East

• Glossary
• Index

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