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Video Games


Our approach to the Video Game industry

Our team covers the video game sector in terms of technological innovation, its industrial organization and monitoring the world’s main markets. We work with large corporations to help them define their positioning strategy along the value chain and in international markets. We also work with SMEs through technical and economic feasibility studies of their business plan or video games. Our expertise leads us to carry out missions for governments and international organizations to help them better understand the sector’s technological and industrial challenges in the mid-term.

Our Skills

• Our expertise covers technology issues related to video game software (middleware, production processes, outsourcing), the gaming terminals (consoles, smartphones, tablets, computers, connected TVs) and accompanying accessories.
• Our expertise also covers all categories of game content (core games, casual games, social games, serious games), gameplay, character transmedia and cross platform.
• We specialise in the issues related to revenue models and their distribution along the value chain, both physical and dematerialised models.
• We implement a statistical monitoring of international markets by maintaining a forecasting model which is published twice a year. We cover video gaming terminals (volume, price, value) and software (volume, price, ARPU, value) for major world markets.
• We maintain close relationships with the sector’s key players – developers, publishers, distributors - through the DigiWorld Summit Video Games Seminar which we’ve hosted for the past 9 years.
• A cross-sectional approach is systematically employed in our missions due to IDATE’s expertise in the Telecom, Internet and Media sectors.

Selected References


• Serious Gaming : Health, Education / Training, Information / Communication, Defence / Public Safety, 5 sectors under analysis
• Development prospects for massively multiplayer games
• Convergence between video games and movies

Market Analysis

• Market weighting and development prospects for video game AppStores
• The World Video Games Market 2010-2014
• State of the Art and potential In-Game Advertising
• The market for outsourcing in video games
• Challenges and prospects of casual gaming
• Challenges and prospects for video games on mobile phones

Public Policy

• Strategies for online editorial groups and Internet advertising valuation methods
• TV reception modes outside of DTT coverage


• R&D and innovation practices in the Video Games industry
• Creating in the Video Games sector


• Technology providers: Adobe, Allegorithmic, Cisco, Instinct Maker, Technicolor
Developers : CCP Games, Chronophage Games, Klakos, Nordic Games, Prizee, Travian Games
Editors / Console manufacturers : EA, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft
Distributors / operators: Boonty, NHN Corp. Innelec, Mediastay
Telcos : Orange, Deutche Telekom, SFR, Swisscom
Media groups: Vivendi, TF1
Governmental bodies: CNC, Ministry of Culture (F), Ministry of Industry,  Olympic Committee, Red.es (E)




Head of the Digital Entertainment Practice
P: +33 (0)467 144 439
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