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Telecom Economics


Our approach to the telecoms market

Telecom network and services operation is a business in the throes of massive change: after the deployment of mobile networks in the 1990s, then fixed broadband networks over the last decade, we have entered an era of convergence between the two, while efforts continue to increase the speeds of both.

This unending development of the networks and connections is fuelling a current of innovation in the services, applications and devices we use. It is the constant evolution of this ecosystem and how it affects consumption, market growth, players’ strategic positioning… that we are dedicated to gauging and analysing in an ongoing way.

Our Skills

Market Analysis:
   -Telecom services market history and forecasts by country/region and by segment
   - Outlook for new services

Analysis of the competition landscape
   - Incumbent player and new entrant strategies
   - Economic and financial performance

   - New generation network (NGN) rollout costs
   - Access and network interconnection costs

Head of Practice

Didier Pouillot has been with IDATE since April 1986, and worked as the Head of the Industrial Analysis Department, then Head of the Telecom Economics Practice.In this capacity, Didier coordinates all of IDATE’s research and study assignments on telecom service market trends (mobile, broadband, …), on the sector’s regulatory, technological and industrial issues (broadband outlook, telecommunications investments and employment, European industry’s competitiveness…). He is also publishing supervisor of the annual DigiWorld Yearbook. Before joining IDATE, Didier worked as a consultant for Paris firm, B.I.P.E. Didier holds a post-graduate degree from ESSEC (1982).

Selected References


VoIP market development and outlook
Business model for a ultra-fast broadband access provider

Market Analysis

• Telecom services markets around the world
Broadband coverage and penetration levels in the European Union
Economic observatory of mobile telephony in France
European telecoms: facts & figures
European Information Technology Observatory
International communications market report

Public Policy

• Impact assessment of FP5 projects in the broadband sector (WING)
Positioning and strategies of the globe’s top telcos


• Telcos: BT, DT, France Telecom-Orange, SFR, Swisscom…
Telco Associations: AFORST, AFOM, FFT, ETNO, ...
• Institutional Clients: Government ministries (French Ministry of the Economy), regulators (Agcom, ARCEP, ANRT Morocco, CMT, NITA, Ofcom,... ), European Commission




Director of the Strategies Business Unit
P: +33 (0)467 144 418
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