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Internet Services


Our approach to the Internet Services industry

Many offline activities (especially communications, commerce, entertainment and practical services) are now available as online and more recently mobile services, leading to major changes in the traditional telecom, software and content industries. Monetization schemes from leading players involve often advanced advertising solutions and/or recommendation-based transactions supported by sophisticated tools that leverage the increasing amount of data available (documents, user data, etc…). Privacy concerns are the real major limitations to the development of future services.

Search engines and social networks have become prime destinations on the web. They have engaged in numerous innovations but also diversifications around open platforms, giving them even more power on the value chain. Traditional players’ business models are being disrupted by those initiatives, but they can also benefit from them through partnerships.

Our Skills

• We combine in-depth expertise in the Internet services and software markets with IDATE’s core skill sets in telecommunications and media markets.

• The core team members have been advising industry players for more than 5 years

• We assist the globe’s largest telecom and media players but also major European public bodies with market analysis, data & forecasts & innovation roadmaps

Selected References


• Advanced solutions of online and mobile mapping solutions (3D, augmented reality, etc…)
• Impact of softphone VoIP
• Monitoring of mobile innovative technologies
• Prospects for the future Web (social networks, semantic, statistics, etc…)
• Potential of mobile VoIP
• Usage and attitudes towards digital identity

Market Analysis

• Assessment and forecasts of online and mobile Internet usage and advertising markets
• Monitoring of key market indicators on advertising and e-commerce in 10 countries

Public Policy

• Economic impacts of Internet on future software and software-based services
• Impacts of online advertising networks and agencies on the media and cultural industries
• Evaluation of software intensity in 5 vertical industries


Operators: Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom, Orange, SFR, NTT DoCoMo, TDF, Telefonica, Vonage, Maroc Telecom
Service and Content Providers: PagesJaunes, Microsoft, TF1, Mediaset, Miyowa, Havas, Samsung, Canal+, NHN, FranceTelevision, Adobe, M6Web, SNCF
• Public bodies: ARCEP, Ofcom, European Commission, Ministry of Culture (DGMIC), Anacom, Agcom, CDC, CNC, CMT, ITEA



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