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Internet Network and Technologies


Our approach to the Internet Network and Technologies

As more and more services are migrating to the Internet, overall Internet traffic is becoming huge. As a consequence, advanced architectures are required to deliver online video (with CDN and/or P2P) or software and SaaS products (through cloud computing) with a certain level of quality of service, reliability and security. They are also a key element to develop sustainable and profitable business models.

Those advanced architectures are currently deployed in the open Internet but can also be deployed in ISP networks, especially as managed services, as telcos are looking for new revenue streams. Numerous tools and solutions can help ISPs to handle congestion, to optimize traffic consumption or to comply with various laws (piracy, child pornography, etc…), but also to provide segmented end-user offerings based on volume or quality of service. All these initiatives need to be put in perspective with the Net Neutrality debate.

Our Skills

• We combine in-depth expertise in the Internet network and backbone market with IDATE’s core skill sets in telecommunications and video markets.

• The core team members have been advising industry players for more than 5 years

• We assist the globe’s largest telecom and technology providers but also major European public bodies with market analysis, data & forecasts, innovation roadmaps & business modelling

Head of Practice

Vincent Bonneau is a senior IDATE manager, in charge of software and fixed and mobile Internet services industries, especially through technological and marketing innovations.Before coming to IDATE, Vincent worked as the “Internet Software and Technologies” attaché to the French Trade Commission (DREE) in San Francisco, in addition to having gained strategic operational and marketing experience working for Noos, Wanadoo and France Telecom in Paris. Vincent is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique (1997) and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (2002), and holds a Masters Degree in New Technologies Management from the HEC business school (2002).

Selected References


• Piracy technologies, IP detection solutions and ISP technical measures
• Deep packet inspection technologies
• Opportunities in digital content delivery in CDN and P2P
• Smart grid impacts
• Video content tracking platforms

Market Analysis

• Assessment and forecast of CDN markets
• Analysis of cloud computing architectures of Google, Amazon and Salesforce
• Business models of online video services
• Demand and supply analysis for Open Content Network Aware (FP7 funded project)

Public Policy

• Technical and economic stakes of Net Neutrality
• Economic impacts of Internet on future software and software-based services


Operators: Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom, Orange, SFR, NTT, TDF, Easynet, SES, SK Telecom
Service and Content Providers: Qualcomm, Bitband, UER, Mediaset, Technicolor, SACD
• Public Bodies: Ofcom, Ministry of Industry (DGCIS), Ministry of Culture (DGMIC), CDC, European Commission, CNC, NCAH



Director of the Innovation Business unit
P: +33 (0)467 144 453
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