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Digital Home & Devices


Our approach to the Digital Home

Our team addresses the issues of the Digital Home in terns of its technologies (deployed terminals), networks (Internet and domestic), content (primarily video and associated distribution services) and its uses.

We also analyze the digital home from a systemic perspective: the home is, in effect, at the heart of the convergence between the network, fixed and nomadic devices, services and content. The stage is set for a face-off between industry players from consumer electronics, telecommunications and Internet access, computer hardware and software, Internet, television ... Benefitting from the convergence, these players intend to either maintain their position, or take advantage of opportunities available to them to broaden the scope of their activities.

In this context, we work with players who wish to accompany the transformation of their sector, to change their strategy and measure the commercial potential of the digital home. We integrate in our approach, the evaluation of international markets and the effects of industrial restructuring on the value chain and revenue sharing.

Our Skills

• Our work is based on methods of industry analysis and mainly by studying the positioning of actors present, whether in the fields of telecommunications, consumer electronics or delivery and content providers.
• Our missions include contributions from the analysis of technological innovation embedded in the devices of the digital home that fit in the home network or in a local network.
• The technological analysis that we conduct is oriented towards the issues of interoperability and standardisation of content formats as well as fixed and wireless communication protocols that find opportunities in the connected home.
• We maintain a database on the connected devices (broadcast or IP) of the digital home, allowing us to highlight key markets trends in the medium term.

Head of Practice

Laurent Michaud joined IDATE in 2000, and is the head of Consumer Electronics & Digital Entertainment Practice He has developed expertise in the field of economic development and engineering for investment projects. In fact, it is also involved in studies conducted by IDATE for local authorities and their expression to define development strategies around ICT. It carries out technical and economic expertise to OSEO and incubators on the issues of gaming and multimedia content development. He participates in industry studies, market and strategic areas of ICT, TV, Internet and video. Laurent has also created the International Video Game Forum,which the 7th Edition will take place in Montpellier in November, 18th 2008. Prior to coming to IDATE, he worked as project manager for the Centre d’Études et de Projets, Montpellier University’s Economic Sciences research laboratory.
Laurent holds a post-graduate degree in Economic and Financial Regional Project Engineering from the Université de Montpellier.

Selected References


• Artificial intelligence in video games and robotics
• "Consumer Electronics +” or industrial issues associated with connected devices in the home
• The fundamentals of the audiovisual industries, music and video games

Market Analysis

• Serious game in health, information and communication
• Market research of social gaming and browser games

Public Policy

• Conditions for the emergence of a cluster in the area of la Plaine Saint Denis
• Market research on the potential of location-based games multi-platform


• CE / Manufacturers: Cisco, Qualcomm, Sagem, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba
• Console manufacturers: Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony
• Telcos / ISP: Bouygues Telecom, Darty, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, SFR, Swisscom, Vodafone
• Media Groups: France télévisions, Mediaset, SES, TDF, TF1, Vivendi
• Governmental bodies: Ministry of Industry (F), Red.es (E)




Head of the Digital Entertainment Practice
P: +33 (0)467 144 439
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