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Broadband FTTx

Our approach to Broadband / FTTx

Current bandwidth requirements are still relatively limited and, in most cases, they can be satisfied by existing “traditional” broadband technologies (DSL, cable modem). Nevertheless more innovative services will no doubt become increasingly common in the coming years. TV and video services (3D TV, catch-up TV, interactive and connected TV), combined with the various wireless devices in the home to be connected (multimedia players, tablets, smartphones, etc.) and their simultaneous use, are the main drivers of ultra-fast broadband.

Although ultra-fast broadband (FTTx and FTTH) is starting to reach a certain degree of maturity, penetration levels still vary a great deal from market to market, and Asia is by far the region that has made the greatest strides in this area. We are following the main trends in Broadband / FTTx sector: Technologies choices and architectures, vendors and operators strategies regarding FTTx, Cost Modelling when deploying FTTH networks, Services and applications over FTTx to leverage ARPU in front with adapted tarification strategy (Tiered Pricing)

Our Skills

• We combine in-depth expertise in Broadband and FTTx markets with IDATE’s core skill sets in mobile telecommunications and video markets.

• The core team members have been advising industry players for more than 10 years. They have a worldwide recognized expertise on FTTH markets and related strategies for vendors and Telcos.

• We assist the globe’s largest telecom and technology providers but also major public bodies and Industry association on a worldwide scale with market analysis, data & forecasts, innovation roadmaps & business modelling.

Head of Practice

 Roland Montagne joined IDATE in 1998 and he is now Director Telecoms Business Unit. Roland is also Head of Broadband / FTTx Practice at IDATE. 
Since 2004, Roland is leading FTTx works at IDATE and is also the project leader, twice a year, for the FTTH Council Europe European FTTH projects panorama (9th edition in 2011). In 2011 Roland has conducting FTTH projects Panorama for the FTTH Council APAC (14 countries studied/2nd edition) and is leading an annual worldwide FTTx watch service proposed by IDATE and covering more than 60  countries (4th edition). Roland is a regular speaker in key events related to FTTH topics at an international level (FTTH Councils Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and US,   FTTH Forum, Broadband World Forum, IIR events, ETNO, CITI and IDATE Digiworld Summit).  
Roland is a Telecommunications Engineer (ENST Paris, 1994) and receivedMaster on Electronics (University Paris 6, 1994). He also worked for AT&T Bell laboratories (USA) as Engineer on   DWDM Optical Networks and ATM technologies. He started his carrier in the France Telecom R&D labs working on optical communications.


Selected References


• Overview of practices in duct access for FTTH via countries case studies across of a set of relevant geographies, namely; Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Sweden, and the USA.

• Next Generation PON and bitstream possibilities over PON

• Ultra-fast Broadband Survey “Understanding residential users' switching patterns: France, Sweden, the United States and Japan” - Online survey based on a proprietary Harris Interactive panel representative of the online population

Market Analysis

• Panorama of FTTH/B deployments in Western Europe as well as in Eastern countries (EU 39) & Middle East (14 countries) – more than 150 project described – twice a year since 204

• Panorama of FTTH/B deployments in Asia Pacific (14 countries) – more than 40 project described – twice a year since 2008

• Panorama of FTTH/B deployments in Latin America (8 countries) – once a year since 2011

• Annual FTTx Watch Service (5th Edition):
  • Database: a unique, continually updated FTTx market database, providing market data by country (70 covered) and by technology, along with forecasts for the coming months and years
  • Insights: Monthly views on key issues
  • Analyst Access: consulting hours, analyst briefs, presentations

Public Policy

• Scenarios for deploying Ultra-fast Broadband networks in France (cost model and Government options).

• Modelling the cost and revenues of installing and running an open access FTTH network for 1 million premises in the UK


• Telcos: Deutsche Telecom, Etisalat, Maroc Telecom, NBNCo, NTT, Orange, SFR, Swisscom, Telefonica, Telecom Italia, PT Luxembourg, Belgacom, SES, Eutelsat,…
• Vendors: Alcatel Lucent, Fujitsu, Huawei, Panosonic, Reische & De-Massari, Samsung FO, TE Connectivity, Nexans, Acome, ZTE,…
• NRAs and Public Authorities: ARCEP, CMT, OFCOM, NMMH, Red.es, TRA, French Government, UK Government, UKE (Poland),…
• FTTH Councils: FTTH Council Europe, FTTH Council Asia Pacific, FTTH Council Middle East and North Africa, FTTH Latin America Chapter



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Director of the Telecom Business unit
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