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Executive Team

Executive Team


François Barrault - Chairman of the board

Francois started his career as a researcher in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence with IBM Corporation; then founded – and sold – several businesses. He then moved to senior positions in large global companies, in particular Lucent Technologies where he was President and CEO Lucent EMEA and then as International CEO and corporate officer ran all Lucent’s 38 acquisitions in the Internet sector.
He is chairman and founder of FDB Partners SPRL an investment and advisory firm in TMT, renewable energy and publishing.
He retired at the end of 2008 from the position of CEO of BT Global Services and as a BT Group PLC board member. In BT Global Services he created a world leader in Networked IT services comprising 37000 employees and operating in 176 countries, in 4 years acquiring 32 companies around the world. In parallel, he led BT Innovate, the advanced R&D and innovation team of BT group and in this role chaired and sponsored numerous initiatives with the most prestigious Universities in the world. Francois has been very active at the WEF (Davos and regional forums) and created and then chaired the BT Global advisory board (60 world-class leaders from around the world).
Francois is also active in lecturing worldwide, is a member of various boards of public and private companies, advisory boards, private investments funds and foundations around the world.

Yves Gassot - CEO

For more than fifteen years, Yves Gassot has been at the head of IDATE.
In this position, he has taken part in numerous studies of the various markets and the strategies being pursued in the telecommunications sector.
He is on the panel of several expert committees, including the Conseil Général des Technologies de l'Information and the Advisory Committee of the PTC, he is special adviser of the European Commissioner of the Information Society, he serves as director of the revue "Communications & Strategies" and is scientific head of the annual International Conference of IDATE. With a background as DPLG architect, he is a graduate of the Institute of Political Studies, Paris (3rd Cycle).

Jean-Dominique Séval - Deputy CEO

After obtaining a post-graduate degree from Université Paris IX-Dauphine (DEA in Management Sciences - 1986), Jean-Dominique spent more than 20 years in the consulting business with the firms PRECEPTA (Director of studies) and BIPE Conseil (Director of the Information Technologies Department) before joining IDATE as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Responsible for promoting IDATE’s expertise internationally, he is in charge of the Events & Communication team, as well as its publishing and conference-related activities. Economist found of NextGen Tech, he is the author of a prospective column – so called “It’s already 2025″ – published on the newsletter “Edition Multimedia” as well as on his blog.

Pierre-Michel Attali - Director of Development Business Unit

Pierre-Michel Attali has been with IDATE since 2000, and now heads the Development Business Unit
Hel assists local authorities (regions, cities and metropolitan areas) in their strategic decision-making process when planning IT deployments in their area, helping to draft broadband and ultra-broadband development plans. Before coming to IDATE, Pierre-Michel worked as an Information and Communication Technologies engineer, and in the creation and financing of innovative start-ups for the Languedoc-Roussillon’s Regional Department of Industry and its Research and Environment Department (DRIRE). He has also worked as an engineer for national energy company, EDF, in charge of overseeing the Vidéopole cable network’s construction and maintenance in the Hérault region, after having been responsible for the technical-economic feasibility study for cable in the region, on behalf of operator Vidéopole (since taken over by UPC).
Mr. Attali holds a Telecommunications Engineer degree from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne (ENST-B).

Jacques Bajon - Director of Media & Digital content Business unit

Jacques joined lDATE in November 2000, working as a Director of Studies. His assignments primarily involve strategic and sector-specific examination of the television/video and its distribution modes, from broadcast to telecoms/IP. He more specifically addresses digital delivery ecosystems and linked services. Jacques’s previous experience includes freelance analyst for the Eurostaf / Les Echos group, carrying out market research and analysis of media and telecommunications industry companies, in addition to gaining experience in market analysis working for Ericsson. Jacques holds a post-graduate research degree (DEA) in International Economics (Université Paris X Nanterre) , a Master in Strategic Management of Innovation (Toulouse Graduate School of Management), and followed a training session in Investments in Telecom Networks from Télécom ParisTech


Vincent Bonneau - Director of Innovation Business Unit

Vincent Bonneau is a senior IDATE manager since 2004, in charge of issues relating to the IT and Internet services industries’ impact on the telecommunications market’s offers, consumption and business strategies. His assignments focus on technological and marketing innovations in these two industries.
Before coming to IDATE, Vincent worked as the “Internet Software and Technologies” attaché to the French Trade Commission (DREE) in San Francisco, in addition to having gained strategic operational and marketing experience working for Noos, Wanadoo and France Télécom in Paris.
Mr. Bonneau is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique (1997) and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (2002), and holds a Masters Degree in New Technologies Management from the HEC business school (2002).

Jérémy George
- Research Business Manager

Jeremy holds a bachelor degree in Corporate Management & International Marketing since 2009. Before joining IDATE in 2010, Jeremy worked for world leading companies in Logistics and Paper Manufacturing respectively as custom expert and research fellow. Today he is Head of the Research Business Unit at IDATE and therefore responsible for planning, production and marketing of all IDATE's market intelligence publications and services that make up the IDATE Research offer.


Roland Montagne - Director Market developpment

Roland Montagne has been with IDATE since 1998, and is in charge of the International market developpment. In recent years, Roland has managed several assignments focused on DSL, cable and wireless access network economics – exploring global issues such as bundled offers over DSL, and the economics of bitstream access and unbundling. Roland is also in charge of all of IDATE’s FTTx activities. In the area of satellite, he has conducted a variety of assignments devoted to satellite broadband access economics (AGORA) and to market opportunities for a satellite mobile TV offer (S-DMB).
Before joining IDATE, Roland achieved several developments in the area of digital radiocommunications and mobile services.
He worked for a year for AT&T as a Bell Labs research engineer in New Jersey, and has conducted a variety of research projects on optical networks (DWDM) and ATM technologies. Mr. Montagne has also attended several research training programmes on optical communications at CNET (France Telecom R&D).
Roland Montagne is a regular speaker in key events related to FTTH topics at an international level (FTTH Councils Europe, Asia Pacific and US, FTTH Forum and Digiworld Summit).

Didier Pouillot - Director of Telecom Economics Business Unit

Didier Pouillot has been with IDATE since April 1986, and worked as the Head of the Industrial Analysis Department, before taking over the Knowledge Management Department.
In this capacity, Didier coordinates all of IDATE’s knowledge sharing operations: documentation, databases, in-house thematic meetings… in addition to being the editor-in-chief of the annual DigiWorld report on the stakes and challenges of the digital economy, and of the Atlas Collection of market reports devoted to the telecommunications and media industries.
A specialist in telcos and telecom services markets, Didier also continues to contribute to a variety of research and study assignments on the sector’s regulatory, technological and industrial issues (ultra-broadband outlook, telecommunications investments and employment, European industry’s competitiveness…).
Before joining IDATE, Didier worked as a consultant for Paris firm, B.I.P.E. Mr. Pouillot holds a post-graduate degree from ESSEC (1982).

Frédéric Pujol
- Head of radio technologies & spectrum practice

Frédéric Pujol joined IDATE in November 1992. As head of Mobile Services Practice, he is responsible for coordinating mobile industry forecasting and technical-economic analysis reports. Previously, Frédéric acquired solid experience in mobile network architecture working for the France Telecom Group (Sofrecom, Telesystems). Frédéric holds a post-graduate degree in engineering from ISEN (Institut Supérieur d'Electronique du Nord, Lille, 1986), where he majored in Telecommunications, and from CITCOM (Centre d'Ingénierie des Technologies de la Communication, Paris, 1987), where he majored in Network Architecture.



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