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Digital Territories


The Digital Territories Unit, recognized expertise among local and international communities and governments.

We intervene across the entire scope of Digital issues by offering a wide range of services to meet clients’ expectations.

Consulting services
High and Very High Speed Networks
• Techno-economic and legal studies
• HS and VHS business modelling
• Strategic operational consulting
Monitoring & Assessment
• Usage observatories
• International study tours
• Tariff benchmarks

Economic Development
Identifying ICT clusters and digital ecosystems
Operational action plans
Smart cities
Digital Services & Uses
• Evaluating public policies
Best practices benchmarking
New IT governance

Recent references from our Territory missions

•  A technical, economic and legal study of high and very high speed networks 
In-depth analysis of technical, economic, financial and legal challenges; proposing short, medium and long-term roadmaps consistent with the needs of the territory; operational consulting to assist in project launches
•  Accompanying territories in the engineering of high and very and high speed network projects
Operational project management assistance including comparisons between purchasing services and installing broadband networks, organisational project management support, organising work groups with local players and training seminars
•  Benchmarking telecom services and RIP observatories in France
Comparing infrastructure services, bandwidth, LAN interconnection, broadband access services to households and businesses
•  Strategic positioning study
Accompanying the project leader in competitive analysis, market analysis and forecasting as well as providing positioning recommendations
•  Technical and economic feasibility study for a technology park focused on innovation
Global free zone benchmark; territorial diagnostics of potential areas; site, building and employment definitions; economic conditions; legal implementation; marketing strategy; business plan
•  Digital Territory Plans
Identifying manufacturing segments of the ICT sector with a view toward developing a digital industrial policy. A three-step process: inventory, benchmark and territorial diagnostics, plan definition
•  Study on the expanding scope for territorial digital development
Implementing public policies favouring the spread of electronic communication networks and access to services and applications; directives for 5-year outlooks to ensure comprehensive territorial consistency; operational action plans which enable the implementation and monitoring of applications and concrete projects
•  Market Research Reports
Exclusive surveys on broadband uses and practices in local communities, businesses and households

The Digital Territories Unit, consulting for local and international communities and governments




Pierre-Michel ATTALI
Director of the Digital territories Business unit
P: +33(0)467 144 445
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