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Networks & Local Authorities


Strategic Consulting

Key Questions

• Broadband services on optical fiber: what medium-term profitability?
• New fiber optic networks to the subscriber: alternative technologies
• WiMAX: what market positioning vis-à-vis 3G and ADSL?
• WiMAX and Wi-Fi platforms: complementary or competing?
• 3G and TNT: Deployment prospects in the coming months
• Business plan outlooks for operators of operators?
• Local authorities' broadband projects: what are the preferred active or passive services which meet operators' and ISPs' needs?
• ISP consolidation : what are the economic consequences of broadband projects in local communities?


• Technical and economic expertise
• Market sizing and forecasts
• Defining appropriate services and infrastructure
• Business plans and legal modalities for implementation
• Databases and Geographic Information Systems
• Awareness and training seminars


• Analysis of broadband growth outlook in France
• International study on managing optical networks in apartment buildings
• Developing the business plan for a national broadband infrastructure manager
• Business plan expertise for a regional broadband provider
• Analysing business models implemented by ISPs
• Technical benchmarking: PSD (Public Service Delegation) and PPP (Public-Private Partnership)

Project planning assistance

Key Questions

• FTTH network deployment in apartment buildings: how to implement relationships between owners and operators?
• Pooling optical networks in buildings: what solutions has Europe implemented?
• How to foster competitive diversity in the territory?
• Which technology solutions for territories with no broadband coverage?
• How to manage long-term project planning with the deployment of rapidly evolving alternative technologies?
• PSD / concession, leasing or public-private partnership: what procedures to focus on concerning the area's specific characteristics?


• Supporting PSD and PPP telecom launches
• Assisting in high and very high speed broadband call for tenders
• Operational monitoring and concrete evaluation of implemented procedures
• Continually maintaining an independent and impartial viewpoint as to ensure client trust


• Supporting the broadband call for tender for 115,000 public housing homes in Paris
• Aide in preparing the application for WiMax licenses
• Assisting broadband project management teams from public service delegations: General Councils of the Oise, Loiret, Sarthe, Haut-Rhin, Bas-Rhin, Nièvre, • • Aire Belfort-Montbeliard, Besancon Agglomeration, Voiron Agglomeration, EPA Plaine de France
• Master broadband plans: Urban Community of Le Mans, Agglomerations of Orleans, Montpellier, Grenoble, BAB, Voiron, …

References from a broad range of French local governments




Pierre-Michel ATTALI
Director of the Digital territories Business unit
P: +33(0)467 144 445
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