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Digital Plan


The digital plan must take into account the infrastructures, digital services and uses of a territory, but it can be modularly envisaged by focusing on particular services and uses.

Infrastructures and high / very high speed fixed and mobile networks

• Coherent deployment over the territory
• Access to a competitive offer at affordable costs

Digital services for the benefit of communities and State services

• Dematerialisation of internal administrative processes and procedures
• Pooling resources and means

Digital services for the benefit of citizens

• E-health, information and education technologies, open and distance learning, and eTourism eCulture, eInclusion and democratization of access to digital services, eMobility …

Digital services for the benefit of companies and actors of economic development

• Awareness and training
• Valuation of new tools and labour organization (digital services platforms, telecommuting and teleprofessionals …)

Digital services for the benefit of research and innovation players

• Valuation of ICT Research and Innovation
• Structuring the territorial ICT chain / ecosystem
• Player networking


A personalised approach to implementation: Promote a participatory approach including a great number of local players

Piloting the Plan

• Steering Committee including elected officials
• Technical Committee

Developing the Plan

• Interviews with key players from the territory
• Group interviews
• Surveys and benchmarking
• Expanded project committees

Valuation of the Plan

• Scoping Report
• Executive Summary for communications
• Dedicated website



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