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Since 1977, IDATE DigiWorld has been recognized, based on the capabilities of its specialized investigation teams, as a reliable resource for tracking telecom, Internet and media markets.

With strong support from its members, represented by nearly 50 major players in the digital economy, the Institute, under the name of DigiWorld, has started a new phase in its development based on three lines of business: DigiWorld Institute, DigiWorld Research and IDATE Consulting.

DigiWorld Institute

The European forum on the Digital World

Over the years, the DigiWorld Insitute has become one of Europe’s foremost centres of market analysis and debate, specialised in the telecommunications, internet and media industry markets. The DigiWorld Institute showcases all of IDATE's initiatives such as the DigiWorld Summit, DigiWorld Future, the DigiWorld Yearbook and the monthly Clubs established in London, Paris and Brussels. It offers its members the opportunity to participate in collaborative research programmes on the industry's major future problems by mobilising external expert resources and its own teams.

DigiWorld Research

The Digital World Observatory

It is an independent observer whose vocation is to provide active surveillance of the digital economy, to collect pertinent data and offer reference analysis on the markets and innovations in the telecommunications, Internet and media markets, through a complete catalogue of reports and monitoring services. Our clients benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our teams of specialists, and from ongoing investment in our information and strategic monitoring system.

IDATE Consulting

Knowledge & expertise in all of the sectors' key strategic areas

We have established our credibility and independence in conducting consultancy and study assignments on behalf of our clients, for whom multi-disciplinary teams of economists and engineers provide extensive analyses of the impact of market growth, changes in regulation and evolving technologies on their business and strategies. Our team of economists and engineers complete, every year, hundreds of research assignments requested each year by the major industry players and public authorities.

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Deputy CEO
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