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Our Assignments

DigiWorld Insitute by IDATE Consulting & Research assists our public and private-sector clients in their decision-making through consulting and market research services.

• A team of ICT market experts - Telecom, Internet, Media - with a comprehensive approach to convergent services and technologies.
• Strong focus on innovation: technologies, products & services, markets & usage, business models.
• Fully independent from ICT market players.
• Assignments include technical-economic assessment, market sizing & forecasts, international benchmarks, and business modelling.
• We advise public bodies, and especially local authorities, in their ICT strategy.
• We provide customised training, strategic briefings and workshops.

Consulting services
• Prospective
• Techno-economic assessment
• Strategic marketing
Market Analysis
• Sizing & Forecasts
• Benchmark
• Cost modelling & Business Plans
Public Policies
• ICT policies
• Regulation
• Local authorities ICT strategies
• Evaluation
• Strategic briefing


Forward planning, technical-economic assessment and strategic marketing

• We have assisted the French Ministry of Culture in assessing the keys to the success of ebooks in Asia and the US. We have prepared a state-of-the-art of digital identity for French authorities, CDC and ACSEL, which included a consumer survey. We modelled hybrid satellite-terrestrial mobile networks for CNES.
• We provided a telco with a set of key trends and figures to back up  long-term forward planning strategy and assisted an IT player in preparing long-term scenarios for the telecom industry.
• For the European Commission, we assessed the Internet’s impact on the software industry and the role of user-created content on the content marketplace.
• We monitored innovation in the mobile industry for a Japanese carrier.
• We are helping the Fédération française des télécoms to define “green indicators”
• We participate on a regular basis in R&D projects, often funded by the European Commission Framework Programmes, to help our consortium partners size the market for new products and services. We also help SMEs define their strategy for marketing innovative products.

Market analysis

Sizing, forecasts, benchmarking, cost modeling and business plans

• We provide worldwide market data to UK regulator Ofcom, to the EITO, to leading players such as Orange, SFR, Cisco, Alcatel and Pages Jaunes, to the European Commission and to professional organisations  such as AFOM or the FTTH Council.
• We have assessed the long term potential of DTH satellite in EMEA and North America for EADS-Astrium and Arianespace, VoIP market opportunity for a telco, the video game market value chain for Technicolor.
• We did a market review of online sales houses’ best practices and benchmarked the European television transmission services market.
• We did a competitive analysis of major European mobile operators for an Asian telco.
• For a tower company, we prepared the business plan for push-VOD services on DTT.
• Other key clients include: Cisco, Alcatel, Axione, Bouygues Telecom, La Poste, Sterlite, Qualcomm

Public policies

ICT Policies, regulation, local authorities ICT strategies, evaluation

• We benchmarked wholesale FTTH services in Europe for French regulator ARCEP, and analysed the cost of anti-piracy measures for telcos in the UK for Ofcom.
• For CAS in France we assessed the technical solutions for delivering TV to zones not covered by DTT.
• We did several reviews of structural separation, including benchmarks with the railroad and energy industries.
• We created ICT observatories for the governments of Tunisia and Morocco.
• We have been in charge of the evaluation of several key European programmes, including FP6 and e-content.
• We assisted more than 30 local authorities in defining their support programme for broadband rollouts and in selecting a partner telco.
• We prepared several French local authorities’ ICT strategy.


Strategic briefing & Workshops

• For Orange, we deliver bespoke training sessions, providing either full overviews of the content industry or bringing the “analyst point of view”.
• For Ofcom, Qualcomm and SACD, we have prepared half-day or full-day corporate workshops to support their strategic planning programmes.
• We provide targeted insights, often based on our market reports, at executive briefings to venture capitalists



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